Rebecca Black's 10th-Anniversary Remix Of "Friday" Is Here & Twitter Has 1 Question


The early 2010s of YouTube might be long gone, but one of the video streaming platform's earliest meme songs is making a comeback. The tweets about Rebecca Black's "Friday" remix on its 10th anniversary prove that fans aren't ready to let the song fade into the background of pop culture just yet, even if they do have one major question about it. The new version of the classic song, reimagined as a hyperpop track and featuring the genre's most prolific firebrands, is a total bop, but while most listeners are loving it, they're also asking the question, "Why wasn't this released on a Friday?"

The answer to that question is pretty simple. Unfortunately, the original song's 10th anniversary, Feb. 10, fell on a Wednesday in 2021. After one listen to the updated banger, however, you probably will be glad it got released a couple days before the song's namesake. The remix features Dorian Electra, 3OH!3, and Big Freedia, and was produced by electro-pop duo 100 gecs' Dylan Brady. It's loud, it's unapologetic, and it surprisingly maintains the joke-filled spirit of the 2011 track's public reception. Black's vocals are pitched up into chipmunk territory, but the effect is endearing and sets the stage for the fun verses to follow.

That didn't stop Twitter from highlighting the missed opportunity of dropping "Friday" on Friday one more time.

It's worth noting how self aware the remix is, but then again, Black has had a decade to assess just why the original track took the world by storm. "Friday" inspired an entire era of parodies and copycat tracks, and for a long time was considered by internet commenters to be one of the worst songs ever made.

Black wasn't deterred, however, and recently made a comeback to the music world, reimagining her sound in the hyperpop universe of SoundCloud stars and camp aesthetics. She really made the best out of what was likely an overwhelming situation, turning hate into pop gold.

People are responding to the 2021 remix of "Friday" much better than they responded to the 2011 iteration, tweeting out their support to Black in droves. "Adding 'Friday' remix by Rebecca Black to all my playlists," one user tweeted. "Her new song 'Girlfriend' is really good too," another user responded, showing love to her January 2021 single.

While the new remix won't be everyone's cup of tea, it's surprising that Black and her team were able to turn what was an incredibly jarring song into a modern hit for the internet age. TikTok, do your thing and send this to the top of the charts.