Jungkook FINALLY Exposed His Arm Tattoos & Fans Are Having An Emotional Breakdown

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

ARMYs are finally getting a good look at Jungkook's ink. The BTS boys released a new episode of BTS RUN on Jan. 19, and fans are losing it over the segment. Not only did the bandmates cook up a storm together, but Jungkook's sleeve took center stage. It was not ~casual~ at all, and, understandably, the tweets about Jungkook's exposed tattoo sleeve on BTS RUN have no chill.

Usually, Jungkook hides his tattoos by wearing long sleeves, and on the few occasions when he does wear short sleeves, editors use movie magic to blur out his designs. But a new era has apparently begun, because as Jungkook hit the kitchen with his bandmates in the latest episode of RUN, he rolled his sleeves up halfway and his tattoos were left unblurred for fans to see in HD. This gave fans the clearest shot of his tats yet, and even revealed a new one fans didn't know about: a microphone on his forearm.

The singer also has the phrases "make hay while the sun shines" and "rather be dead than cool" scrawled across his arm, as well as a large red eye tattoo on the upper part of his arm (both of which fans already knew about). The episode gave fans a closer look at the skeleton hand stamped on his arm and a whole bunch of shading near his elbow.

You can see all the best tweet's about Jungkook's exposed sleeve below.

In addition to being blessed by Jungkook's tattoos, the band (minus Suga) whipped up a myriad of recipes in the kitchen. With celebrity chef Baek Jongwon as the judge, the bandmates attempted to impress him with two separate ham recipes. J-Hope and RM whipped up a ham and potato stew, while the other guys cooked up a ramen dish with ham. In the end, the prize (a set of high-end kitchen knives signed by the celeb chef himself) went to all of the bandmates.

It was all solid entertainment, but, ultimately, the real prize went to fans. A rare glimpse at Junkook's tattoos was the episode highlight for many, and it might be a while before Twitter calms down.