JVN Absolutely Slays In This Pop-Tarts Commercial For The Super Bowl

YouTube // Pop-Tarts

One of the biggest snacking days of the year is upon us, and Pop-Tarts is giving both savory and sweet munchers a tasty addition for their Super Bowl spreads. And with a major Queer Eye's at the helm of the spot, these tweets about Jonathan Van Ness in Pop-Tarts' Super Bowl commercial are just as good as the brand's newness: the innovative Pop-Tarts Pretzel, a salty and sweet mash-up you didn't know you needed. The toaster-pastry is now available in stores, and you'll definitely want to hit the grocery store aisle after the game to scoop up a box or two.

On Sunday, Feb. 2, Pop-Tarts made its first Super Bowl debut a successful one with a spot all about its new Pop-Tarts Pretzel. The company recently rolled out the new confection, which comes in customers' choices of Chocolate or Cinnamon Sugar Toaster Pastries and is currently retailing at stores nationwide for $3.49.

The struggle to choose between a savory or sweet snack is real, and JVN decides to give viewers the best of both worlds by giving the classic pretzel a Queer Eye-worthy makeover during the commercial.

In the full video, which was released on Jan. 29, Van Ness can be seen "fixing" the situation by swapping out the "ho hum" pretzels for the new salty-sweet offering. Wearing a bedazzled blue sequin crop top with his signature mane waving in the wind, the reality star gives viewers a glimpse of the new offering. From the outside, the treat looks just like your classic Pop-Tart pastry with drizzles of white icing on the outside, but fans are promised a sweet and salty surprise once they take a bite.

IMHO, there's nothing and no one that the Fab Five can't make over, and these tweets about the commercial are all saying, "Yes, Queen, slay!"

It seems I can only agree with Twitter here. If Jonathan Van Ness says we need pretzel Pop-Tarts in our lives, then that's the way it is. JVN for pretzel queen, Pop-Tarts queen, and president.