Fans Are Celebrating BTS' "Waste It On Me" Video For Its Epic Level Of Asian Representation

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; YouTube

Happy Monday, BTS and Steve Aoki fans! You just got a brand new music video to go along with their latest collaboration. Based on the tweets about BTS and Steve Aoki's "Waste It On Me" video, however, you all already knew that, so great! We're all caught up. Aoki and BTS dropped their highly anticipated music video for "Waste It On Me" on Monday, Nov. 19, after the song came out on Oct. 25.

Fans got a teaser of the music video on Nov. 16 that showed The Hangover and Crazy Rich Asians actor Ken Jeong fawning over Devon Aoki (Steve Aoki's sister), who is romantically tied to 13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler in the video, but they had no idea just how much Asian-American representation the video would include. BTS never makes an appearance (aside from Jungkook and RM's angelic voices, obviously), but the video is a treasure regardless.

The song, which marks BTS' first full song in English, touts a long list of Asian-American celebrities in its cast. Ken Jeong, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki, and Steve Aoki are the first stars fans see, then actress Jamie Chung appears. Throughout the video, fans get to see Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Vincent Rodriguez, Westworld's Leonardo Nam (he's actually Argentine-Australian), YouTuber Tiffany Ma, Crazy Rich Asians actor Jimmy O. Yang, and more lip-sync to the new Steve Aoki/BTS bop.

The video is truly just a delight.

And fans are in love with its Asian representation.

"Waste It On Me" is BTS and Steve Aoki's third collaboration (Linkin Park's Joe Hahn directed its music video). BTS and Aoki both released statements about this new collaboration on Oct. 25 — the day the song originally dropped.

"We’re happy for this meaningful and heartfelt collaboration," BTS' statement read. "The song is just so amazing, we really enjoyed working on it. It’s our first song that is entirely in English. It was refreshing and fun to record the song. We hope this would be a good present for our fans.”

“I’m so psyched to share this collaboration with one of the most exciting and inspiring group of guys I’ve met in the past few years," Aoki said in his statement.

BTS and Steve Aoki's "Waste It On Me" lyrics are super cute and simple. The song starts off with BTS' Jungkook singing,

You say love is messed up / You say that it don't work / You don't wanna try, no, no (You don't wanna try, no, no) / And baby, I'm no stranger / To heartbreak and the pain, of / Always being let go (Always being let go)

Then Jungkook is joined by RM as they sing the pre-chorus and chorus that go,

And I know there's no making this right, this right / And I know there's no changing your mind, your mind (Your mind) / But we both found each other tonight, tonight / So if love is nothing more / Than just a waste of your time
Waste it on me / Waste it on me (Waste it on me) / Tell me why not waste it on me / Waste it on me (Waste it on me) / Baby why not waste it on me / Waste it on me (Waste it on me) / Tell me why not waste it on me / Waste it on me (Waste it on me)

RM takes the second verse solo. He sings,

So we don't gotta go there / Past lovers and warfare / It's just you and me now (Yeah, yeah) / I don't know your secrets / But I'll pick up the pieces / Pull you close to me now (Yeah, yeah)

Jungkook and RM sing the pre-chorus and chorus again after that, then RM has one more solo verse that goes,

Yay, don't you think there must be a reason? / Yeah, like we had our names / Don't you think we got another season / That come after spring? / I wanna be your summer / I wanna be your wave / Treat me like a comma / I'll take you to a new phrase / Yeah, come just eat me and throw me away / If I'm not your taste, babe, waste / Waste it on me

Then the song closes out with the song's addictive hook again. Dear BTS and Steve Aoki, more of this, please!