The Trailer For 'Amy Schumer Growing' Is Here To Make You LOL

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Before she welcomes her first child later this year, Amy Schumer is blessing us with a different kind of new arrival. The comedian is releasing a new Netflix special in March, so it's almost as if your favorite teacher is handing out candy before she goes on maternity leave. The trailer for Amy Schumer: Growing is here, and I'm already LOL-ing into my coffee while watching it.

Following Netflix's 2017 release of Schumer's stand-up special Leather Special, Schumer has partnered with the streaming service again for Growing. As the title implies, the stand-up show filmed for the special focuses on the biggest recent changes in Schumer's life, like her marriage and pregnancy. After confirming her relationship with chef Chris Fischer in February 2018, Schumer married Fischer in a surprise wedding ceremony that month. She announced her pregnancy in October and has since been vocal about the health complications she's faced as a result.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Growing was filmed at a Chicago venue in December, about a month after Schumer's extreme nausea briefly landed her in the hospital. The same side effects of this condition, called hyperemesis, forced her to cancel the rest of her comedy tour on Feb. 23. Schumer cited her constant nausea and being in the third trimester of pregnancy as the main reasons, writing on Instagram, "I wanted to push through and do my shows... But more than that I have to think about my health and the baby."

Given this unexpected change of plans, Schumer's Netflix special is definitely good news for anyone who was going to see her on cancelled tour dates. The Growing trailer offers a sneak peek at some of her show's standout moments, assuring fans that any medical issues Schumer was experiencing didn't affect the quality of her performance.

The clips revolve around Schumer's take on the milestones of marriage and babies. Mirroring how honest she's been about her uncomfortable pregnancy, she jokes at one point, "If you had a good pregnancy, like if you're someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over."

In the trailer, the Inside Amy Schumer star also tackles aging out of the traditional bridesmaid bracket and women in movies appearing way too shocked about marriage proposals. The teaser may promise a "new side" of Schumer, but it's clear that her pregnancy hasn't changed the uninhibited sense of humor with which people associate her. This attitude matches what she's previously shared about not changing who she is while pregnant.

In a December interview with InStyle, Schumer said about expectant mothers, "You're supposed to be this Puritan, this saint.... no, I'm still gonna do me... You don't stop being who you are just because you have a baby in you. You're still an artist, a writer, an activist, a dumb b*tch."

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It's a bummer that Schumer's condition has led to her canceled comedy shows, but on the bright side, anyone with a Netflix account can soon enjoy her brutal realness about pregnancy. The comedian has never stopped being honest, so kudos to her for continuing this in a new stage of life.

Amy Schumer: Growing debuts on Netflix on Tuesday, March 19.