This Is Us

The 'This Is Us' Season 4, Episode 12 Promo Brings Back A Very Familiar Face

by Ani Bundel

The "Hell of a Week" for the Pearsons continues. In Part One of the new "Pearson Sibling" trilogy, Randall was the one having a hell of a week, surviving a break-in, a contentious town hall, and a breakdown. At the end of the episode, he called Kevin, sobbing in the bathroom, begging for help. He wasn't all right, and he needed his brother. But the call to Kevin revealed a second Pearson sibling was also having "A Hell of a Week." And the This Is Us Season 4 Episode 12 promo promises that next week, it's Kevin's turn. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

When fans last left Kevin at the end of the mid-season premiere, he was not in a great headspace. After months of dating, he'd fired his matchmaker and tried his luck at chatting up a girl at the coffee shop. Unfortunately for him, what he thought was an instant connection and fairy tale beginning was just a married woman with a "Celebrity Hall Pass" who didn't realize how fast Kevin was moving.

That embarrassing rejection was the headspace Kevin was in when he handed over his phone to a PA before heading into night reshoots for the film he was working on. But handing over the phone meant he missed a call from the most important person of all: His ex-wife, Sophie.

As fans learned in Part One, Sophie was calling because her mother died, and she was asking him to come to the funeral.

The trailer for "A Hell of a Week Part Two" suggests that this might be the reconciliation viewers have been waiting for.

Usually, the synopsis is no help, but this week, NBC hasn't even released one, possibly because anything they say could be construed as a spoiler.

After all, fans know how this day ends for Kevin after he flies out to Pittsburgh for the funeral and hesitates to come inside. When Randall calls Kevin the next morning, Kevin will be in a bedroom somewhere with a blonde woman lying in bed with him.

Could it be Sophie? Fans are betting on it. She was there for Kevin when his dad died back when they were teenagers, and it led to their early marriage. Now Sophie's lost her mom, and Kevin is there for her. Moreover, he's not the Kevin who Sophie last saw standing on her doorstep when she told him she needed their relationship to be over once and for all. He's a sober Kevin, who is ready to be a partner and a spouse in a way he never was, not even when they got married the first time.

It looks like they're both about to have "A Hell of a Week."