Next Week's 'This Is Us' Episode Promises To Explain Everything


Sadly, it is almost time to say goodbye to This Is Us for a few months, but before the show's winter hiatus fans still have the fall finale to look forward to, and the teaser for the upcoming episode promises that it will be one of the most important episodes so far. The This Is Us Season 3 Episode 9 promo trailer promises that next week's new episode will finally answer all of our questions.

So far, the bulk of this season has focused on Jack Pearson's complicated past while serving in the army in Vietnam with his brother Nicky. In the present timeline, Kevin and his girlfriend Zoe have traveled to Vietnam in order to learn more about Jack's past, which he always kept quiet about during his life. In particular, Kevin (and the rest of us) has been intent on figuring out who a mysterious Vietnamese woman is that appears in a photo with Jack, and is seen wearing Jack's necklace. The most recent episode revealed a bit about Jack's relationship with the woman, showing that he simply wanted to help her despite Nicky's reluctance to trust the nearby villagers, but fans are still curious if anything more ever developed between the two.

The fall finale teaser promises to finally reveal the full truth about Jack's past life in Vietnam, as we see Kevin looking at Jack's necklace and tracking down a man who seems to recognize the photo of Jack and the woman. The teaser also include a quick shot of Nicky punching Jack in the face, revealing that their tense relationship will likely reach a breaking point in the new episode. Check out the full promo teaser for the This Is Us fall finale below:

But the episode will not be entirely about Jack's past life in Vietnam. The other half of the teaser trailer focuses on Randall's political career, which has had a pretty rough go of things so far this season. Despite faltering in his initial speeches and having to juggle differing campaign strategies from Beth and his campaign manager Jae-won, it appears that Randall will finally experience a win in the fall finale. The teaser shows Randall giving a charismatic speech, which ends in an entire crowd erupting in applause and Beth proudly looking at her husband. It looks like we are finally going to see something good happen for Randall and Beth.

Unfortunately, Kate and Toby are almost completely absent from the teaser, so we have no way of knowing what the fall finale might have in store for them. In recent episodes, it has seemed like Toby was starting to recover from his depressive episode after Kate found out she was pregnant, but we can never put it past This Is Us to go back to some heartbreaking cliffhanger, especially when it comes to finale episodes.

NBC has not yet revealed when This Is Us will return from its winter hiatus, but if it follows the pattern of the first two seasons, fans can expect it to return in mid-January. The This Is Us fall finale, "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning," will air on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.