The Promo For Next Week's 'This Is Us' Reveals Big Changes For Kevin

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us Season 3 is coming to a head for all the characters involved, with seismic-level life changes for everyone. The biggest, of course, is Kate and Toby, who had their baby in this week's "The Waiting Room." Both Randall and Beth and Rebecca and Miguel revealed they'd be striking out on new roads together as well, as the rest of the Pearsons sat around waiting to find out if the new baby would survive. Now the This Is Us Season 3 episode 16 promo shows Kevin will also be facing huge changes too.

The title of this week's episode is "Don't Take My Sunshine Away," the ending line of the famous children's lullaby. While most assume it's a reference to the song Kate will sing to her new baby Jack, it can also be read as a plea to those couples in danger of breaking up, like Randall and Beth. Apparently, it may also apply to Kevin and Zoe, who have a real heart to heart coming this week, and not just about the vodka in the water bottle.

As of right now, there is no official synopsis for the episode, just the trailer, which focuses mainly on Kevin and Kate.

Check it out:

As much as Zoe and Kevin were a good relationship throughout this season, I think everyone can agree they were doomed the moment Zoe took a sip from the water bottle. The series has made it clear trust issues are her third rail, and Kevin is standing in front of her lying his face off about alcohol while drinking vodka out of a water bottle. The trailer suggesting the issues go deeper than that is nice and all. However, Zoe should be throwing Kevin out on his ear until he's sober for good, not because of some mythical children.

So what does Kevin do? What he's done since the very first season, he goes back to the idyllic dream of "Kevin and Sophie" from his teenage years. Again. Is the show going to do this, again? Or is this a fake out where Sophie says "I am seriously done with this merry-go-round, please go get sober." Can the entirety of Twitter hope with me for the latter?


Sadly, there is no update here for Randall and Beth, even though they too are undergoing massive upheavals themselves. Not only have they decided, for the time being, to try and make things work, they've also learned they're losing the free babysitting that's been silently making it work. Rebecca and Miguel are moving to California to be there for Kate and Toby.

This is a fantastic development, considering where Rebecca and Kate started in Season 1. However, it means, after all these years, Randall will be living far away from his mother for the first time. That's only going to contribute to the emotional stress and upheaval in the R&B section of the family. Most fans hope they can hold on, but it may be another week before the show gets around to deciding one way or the other. Episode 17 is, after all, entitled "R & B."