The 'This Is Us' Season 2 Finale Promo Is Here & It's Going To Be A Rough Episode

by Ani Bundel

This is it. The This Is Us finale for Season 2 will be here in one week's time. That means it's time to get the extra large box of tissues because whatever happens – happy, sad, scary, mad – we'll all be crying buckets by the end of it. While Deja's uncertain future is one storyline we expect to be picked up next week (and thoroughly sob through the conclusion), there's also This Is Kate's Wedding to get through, and I always cry at weddings. The This Is Us Season 2 finale promo suggests we'll be crying from joy and sorrow by the time it's all over.

Unfortunately, at this time, the "Next Time" trailer is all we have to go on. Like the episodes surrounding the Superbowl, NBC is doing whatever they can to keep the finale spoilers under wraps. That means no promotional pictures, only coy interviews that tell us very little, and once again, a complete lack of synopsis or title for the final episode heading into the week-long break.

We should also note that since the reveal of the flash-forwards, we haven't seen another scene of Old Randall, and there are the scenes from Jack's time in Vietnam that were teased a couple of weeks ago that still haven't turned up this season.

Let's see what the trailer can tell us.

Did you scream? Because I may have screamed. (My cat may also no longer be speaking to me.)

The trailer starts off exactly as you would expect. This is exactly everything I imagined the moment Kate agreed to marry Toby earlier in the season. There's Randall's daughters in adorable matching flower girl outfits. There's Chrissy Metz floating along in a vision of a white dress. There's Toby looking like he's going to keel over or cry or make some sort of spectacle of himself. There's Randall and Kevin, divine in matching suits, flanking Kate as she walks down the aisle.

And then there's... Jack. There's Jack in flashbacks, telling 10-year-old KatieGirl that the man who marries her will be the luckiest in the world.

And then there's... Jack. Not flashback Jack. Jack, as he should look in 2018, as his daughter's wedding, with Just-for-Men tinted graying hair and a salt and pepper beard, standing by Rebecca side asking the age old question "Where did the time go?" like he's been there all along.

Why is Jack there? How is Jack there? Is he a vision that Rebecca is seeing, a fantasy of what should have could have never would be?


Or is this the end of Rebecca's life?

Don't shoot the messenger! I'm just functioning off tropes here! I know nothing, I have no spoilers, no proof, and no justification for this other than having watched a lot of TV drama and movies, and when a character is standing in the present, looking at someone who we know is dead, 90 percent of the time, it's because they've just keeled over from a heart attack or stroke, and that vision has come to lead them away to the light. And then they have to make the choice to follow, or stay. If they stay, they wake up. If they don't... that's all she wrote.

And it would just be the sort of thing This Is Us would do. After all, if there's one constant in their relationship, it's that Rebecca, without meaning to, would disrupt Kate's moment in the spotlight. And how else would she disrupt her daughter big day, totally without meaning to, but by accidentally flatlining in the middle of the ceremony?

Do I actually think the show will go there? I hope not. But what other explanation do we have, other than This Is Us goes full on science fiction and confirms the theory of the multiverses?

Either way, the grocery shopping list this week says "Box of Tissues: Extra Large."