4 Things The Solo Traveler Wants Her Best Friends To Know, ASAP

by Ciara Johnson

As a solo traveler, I'm constantly asked why I choose to travel alone. Some people assume that solo travel is boring, lonely, or just plain weird. When I announced that I'd be taking my first solo trip, my family and friends looked at me sideways. Over 10 trips later, and they still don't fully understand why I choose to travel alone. Many of the solo travelers I meet can relate to this feeling of being misunderstood. There are definitely some things the solo traveler wants her friends to know when she chooses to travel alone.

I totally get why solo travel doesn't sound very appealing to most people. After all, isn't a vacation supposed to be sharing special moments with people you love? Well, sure. However, travel can mean different things to different people. Going alone doesn't make a travel experience any less valuable. In fact, taking on a new country alone can be extremely enriching.

It's so hard to plan a trip with friends, because we all have different schedules, budgets, and priorities. Everyone's all in at the beginning, but by the time the trip rolls around, it seems like nobody can make it. This is how many people end up traveling alone. In the end, many of us are surprised to find out that we loved solo travel more than we ever expected.

The Real Reason Why She Travels Solo

She decided to take her first solo trip because she was tired of waiting for others. She was tired of friends canceling plans and people who didn't prioritize travel the same way she did. She's been wanting to travel the world ever since she can remember, and she refuses to miss out on the opportunity to do so.

This girl realizes that life is short and that she can't wait around forever. Don't get it twisted, though. She'd love to create travel memories with you one day, too. She can only imagine the fun you'd have salsa dancing until dawn in Cuba or getting lost down Italy's gorgeous cobblestone streets. She's down to share those special moments with you whenever you're ready.

She's Not Actually Alone

Contrary to what the phrase "solo travel" may suggest, it's not actually about being alone. You may think that nothing sounds more boring than traveling alone. You may be worried that this girl is cooped up in a lonely room by herself across the world. You may also be wondering how the heck she's getting photos of herself if she's alone. In reality, she's hardly ever alone when she's traveling solo. She meets more people than she can count on a daily basis, thanks to hostels and day trips.

You're Still Her Best Friend

She wants you to know that you will always be her number one, regardless of the distance between you. She may be halfway across the world, but she thinks of you often. She tells all of her new friends about the amazing times you've had together. You may feel abandoned, but she didn't choose travel over you.

You may be operating on different timezones, but she still cares deeply about what's happening in your world. No matter how many new friends come along, you'll always be her best friend. You'll be able to pick up right where you left off when she returns, so don't fret.

Her Travels Don't Make Her Cooler

When she tells you stories about her experiences, she never wants to feel like she's bragging. Travel has been a lifelong dream of hers, but she doesn't think she's better than you because she hopped on a plane. She doesn't think she's smarter, either, just because she's left the country. Your stories about going to the movies are just as interesting as her hike in the mountains.

Solo travel isn't for everyone, and that's totally OK. The solo traveler just wants her friends to know that she's counting down the days until she sees you again.