Schitt's Creek

These 'Schitt's Creek' Blooper Reels Will Make Your Whole Damn Week

by Ani Bundel
Pop TV

When Schitt's Creek first arrived in 2015, most audiences took little notice. But left to its own devices, the series quietly grew into one of the best comedies of the 21st century so far. All four of its main stars, Eugene and Dan Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Annie Murphy, are some of the funniest improvisers working on TV today. But that doesn't mean they don't screw up from time to time — and when they do, it's hilarious. The Schitt's Creek blooper reels, which you can watch to your heart's content on YouTube, are testament to this.

Much like the under-appreciated Inside Schitt's Creek webisodes, the series has been putting out blooper reels and outtakes ever since the first season. Unlike the webisodes, which ended with Season 4, Schitt's Creek has put out a reel for almost every season. (Season 4 seems to be missing, and Season 6's apparently hasn't been released yet, but Season 5 is there.)

But these are not your ordinary two-minute clips. Some of the Schitt's Creek blooper reels go on for six to seven minutes at a time. And they're full of more than just goofs; these gaffe-filled moments also showcase the series' warm family atmosphere and serves as a reminder of why fans love the show so much.

Take a look at the Season 1 blooper reel to start. Some of my favorite moments are when Eugene Levy loses it and starts snorting.

Much like the webisodes, these clips started on the CBC website, the Canadian channel that produced the series. But they have since moved to YouTube as part of the official Schitt's Creek channel.

Season 5 has so many errors, it got a "mega-blooper" reel.

The bloopers are just part of the extras on the Schitt's Creek YouTube channel. There's also an entire series of Season 3 "Extras," in which fans can catch up with the characters between seasons. There is a "Behind the Episodes" series for Season 4, which are discussions with creator and star Dan Levy alongside his costars, in which they dig into the show's funniest and most moving moments. Schitt's Creek Season 5 also has a series of roundtables with the cast, which not only covers that season but looks back on the show as a whole ahead of the final season.

Though there aren't extras for Season 6 yet, fans will hopefully be showered with them soon. Schitt's Creek Season 6 is currently streaming on Netflix.