Fans Are Praying For Veronica After Watching Next Week's 'Riverdale' Promo


If the ending to this week's episode of Riverdale didn't freak you out enough, then the promo trailer for next week's new episode will make your head spin. It would be an understatement to say that things have gotten completely wild in Riverdale recently, and the newly released teaser for the midseason finale proves that the chaos is not slowing down at all. The Riverdale Season 3 Episode 8 promo is filled has seizures, hazmat suits, a sneak attack, and a firing squad all wrapped up in a 20-second clip that promises one of the show's wildest episodes yet.

One of the most confounding mysteries at the center of Riverdale Season 3 has been the onslaught of seizures that seem to randomly take down some of the important characters. At the very beginning of Season 3, Betty suffered a seizure after witnessing Alice and Polly seemingly making Polly's babies float at a meeting with their cult The Farm. Later, Ethel suddenly began seizing while she was speaking to Betty and Jughead about the Gargoyle King, and most recently, Josie had a seizure in class when Sheriff Minetta questioned her about playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. The seizures are about to go to the next level, though, as the new Episode 8 teaser shows all of the River Vixens — including Veronica and Toni — experiencing a mass seizure in the school hallway.

The upcoming episode's title, "Outbreak," seems to be a reference to this mass seizure, as mayor Hermione Lodge says that she is shutting down Riverdale High following the seizures, and Principal Weatherbee points out "one of the infected" to a team of people in hazmat suits. Hopefully this means we will finally get some answers to what could be causing these seizures... and hopefully Veronica and Toni will be okay! Check out the teaser for Riverdale's midseason finale below:

The mass seizure is not the only shocking thing about this new teaser trailer. The promo also reveals our first look at Jughead's long-absent mother and sister, Gladys and Jellybean Jones, played by Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins. Jughead mentioned that he and Archie were headed to Toledo to find his mom and sister at the end of this week's episode, and the teaser shows what the long-awaited family reunion will look like. Gladys now runs a scrapyard in Toledo, with Jellybean helping out.

But it's not all happy family time — some of the quicker, blink-and-you'll-miss-them shots in the teaser reveal that the midseason finale includes a few scary, violent scenes. We see Penelope Blossom doused in some sort of liquid, which may be gasoline. There is also a shot of a firing squad, although it is unclear who or what their target is. And finally, an incredibly quick clip in the middle of the teaser shows a knife-wielding Penny Peabody tackling Archie. It looks like we can add Archie to the list of characters we have to worry about in this new episode!

Riverdale's midseason finale, entitled "Outbreak," will premiere on the CW on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. ET.