You'll Want To Get Out After Seeing Allison Williams' 'The Perfection' Trailer


The public may have first met her as the flawed Marnie on HBO's Girls, but Allison Williams has come to represent the horror genre thanks to her role in 2017's Get Out. Williams is aiming to scare viewers yet again with her role in Netflix's upcoming thriller The Perfection, and just as a meeting between her character's boyfriend and parents turned deadly in Get Out, The Perfection trailer promises that Williams is due for a hike gone wrong.

Slated for a Netflix premiere on May 24, The Perfection stars Williams and Dear White People's Logan Browning as friends whose walk through the wilderness goes wrong when Browning's Lizzie starts feeling unwell. While Charlotte (Williams) initially remains calm, Lizzie begins panicking. "Something is wrong, something is wrong with me," she tells Charlotte. "I'm dying!"

TBH, there are plenty of other people who'd react the same way after a long hike, but the trailer reveals that Lizzie has a legit reason to freak. Creatures start moving underneath her skin, and when she vomits, bugs appear within her sick. The preview then cuts to other footage revealing Lizzie as a famous cellist and hinting at a professional rivalry between her and Charlotte. When the trailer returns to the girls out in the wilderness, Charlotte whips out a cleaver, saying, "You know what you have to do."

With its grotesque focus on bugs, splattered blood, and knives, The Perfection trailer also delves into the psychological. It includes a rotating, Twilight Zone-esque shot of Lizzie and ends with Charlotte nervously facing someone off-screen who says, "You know what happens now."

Entertainment Weekly's blurb about the movie explains that "it charts the twisted journey of two former musical prodigies bound by a disturbing secret from their past." Are viewers not meant to know whether they can trust Lizzie or Charlotte? Does one of the women backstab the other? What is their traumatic secret and what does it have to do with those bugs? It's clear that the story aims to do more than just inspire a jump scare or two.


Williams teased to EW that viewers aren't supposed to know the answers to these questions until they watch The Perfection in full. "[This is] a world in which people masquerade as one thing, but continue living another life, so the movie constantly — even in terms of its genre and aesthetic — puts on different masks,” Williams told EW. “It’s convoluted, confusing, and doesn’t make sense until you have some perspective.”

Browning also told the magazine that The Perfection will move beyond the typical horror movie tropes. "[Viewers] have no idea what they’re really in store for," she said. "While they’re enjoying what they did come for, it’s also revealed that there’s something more; there’s depth to the story that they couldn’t have anticipated."

The movie comes several months after Netflix got people talking with its horror thriller film Bird Box. We'll have to wait and see if The Perfection inspires a similar amount of memes or tweets after its premiere. For now, count me in as someone who will stay away from hiking after seeing the movie.

The Perfection debuts on Netflix on Friday, May 24.