This Device Can Be Worn During Sex To Make It Way Less Painful & It's Genius

by Candice Jalili

Sick of having painful sex? Well, if you're a woman, odds are you've definitely had your fair share of it and you know what? I'm here to say enough is absolutely enough. And I'm not going to give you some sort of obscure sex tip to try to make that happen. No, instead, I'm going to tell you about a new invention that's going to put an end to that for good. What's this invention, you ask? Well, it's called Ohnut and I'm about to give you all the deets. You can find Ohnut on Kickstarter where their goal is to raise $50,000 by Jun. 14. I think we should all band together to help them get there.

If you're wondering why I feel so strongly about this, the answer is pretty simple. I'm a woman. And 75 percent of women will experience painful sex at some point during their lifetime. My new favorite invention, Ohnut, is here to change that. (BTW they're not paying me to write this, I'm actually just this pumped.)

Before we get into how Ohnut works, let's talk a bit about how it began. Its founder, Emily Sauer (pictured below), had been experiencing painful sex for an entire decade. She didn't complain about it for fear of being "melodramatic." So, instead of doing anything to change her circumstances, she just silently tolerated painful sex like many other people too often do.


But no matter how much she tried to keep her pain to herself, she never totally got used to it. Finally, her frustration reached a boiling point and she decided to work with a team to create a wearable product that would make sex more tolerable for people like her.

The product she wound up coming up with was the Ohnut. It fits on a person's penis and allows partners to customize penetration depth so that they can stop the penis from going in too deep and subsequently causing pain.

So how do you use it? It's easy. According to the Ohnut site, all you have to do is rub on some lube and place the Ohnut on the male shaft. From there, you slide it down. The standard device starts with three rings but you can shrink it to one or two if that better suits your partner.


The product was quickly a hit with beta testers. "It made sex feel so much more pleasurable," one user reported. "We just got to explore each other more." Partners of women experiencing painful sex are also able to reap the rewards of the product. "I felt more connected," said one partner. "Now knowing that she experiences pain at times, using the Ohnut makes me more relaxed too. I can feel her relief and her enjoyment."

As if that all wasn't great enough, the product also apparently makes it easier to practice safe sex by using condoms. "One thing I hate about condoms is when you have to adjust them — Ohnut kept it in place," said another user.

So... yeah, it's safe to say that people are hyped about this product. In fact, people are so hyped that their Kickstarter campaign already has over 357 backers and has managed to reach over half of its goal in funding with 21 days still left to go.

If you've got some money to spare, donate to this awesome product and help put an end to painful sex for good! Even if you don't have money to spare, just tell your friends about it and raise awareness! There's always something you can do.

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