Amazon's New "Counter" Locations Make It So Easy To Get Your Packages

Whenever I get the notification that my Amazon order has been shipped, I usually count down the minutes until I see the delivery truck roll up and hear my doorbell ring (I obviously have a ton of patience, LOL). If you're anything like me, you'll be happy to hear that there's a new way to get your packages that doesn't involve waiting aimlessly by your front door. I'm talking about the new Amazon Hub Counter locations, which are essentially pickup counters where you can retrieve your orders.

That's right: Thanks to Amazon's new Counter locations, you'll be able to pick up your orders when they're ready instead of twiddling your thumbs and guessing when they'll arrive. The convenient new Counter technology was officially announced to U.S. shoppers on Thursday, June 27, which is the same day it became available at various locations nationwide.

Of course, Amazon Counter pickups aren't located at every retailer (yet, that is). According to the company, they're currently available at over 100 Rite Aid locations across the country. However, that number will likely jump to 1,500 Rite Aid stores by the end of the year, per Amazon (yay!). To find a local Counter, head to Amazon Hub's Counter website and hit "Find a Counter near you." Then, enter your location information and watch local Counter spots populate on your screen.


As you can see, finding a Counter is fairly simple — and thankfully, so is using one. In order to use an Amazon Counter, go shopping like you typically would (on, of course). When you're all set, head to checkout. Once you're there, you'll be able to select a Counter pickup location that's near you and decide which delivery option you want (like always, you can choose from Standard, Two-Day, One-Day, and Same Day).

Finally, after placing your order, you'll be ready for the next step. Once your order is in the system (and you get that glorious confirmation email), the process will begin. When your package is delivered at your chosen Counter, you'll get an email letting you know that it arrived. According to Amazon, that email will include a barcode and location information about your Counter spot (in case you need a refresher). Then, you'll be able to show that barcode to someone who works there, and they'll hand your package to you. That's it.

Patrick Supanc, worldwide director of Amazon Hub, talked about the new Counter technology in a press release. He said, "Amazon is always looking for innovative and convenient ways for customers to ship and receive their orders." (Yup, this is definitely convenient.) Supanc continued,

With Counter, we’ve leveraged our growing logistics network and invested in new, easy to use technology to give customers yet another delivery option rooted in flexibility and control. We are excited to partner with national businesses like Rite Aid, and local businesses in the future, to create an outstanding experience for our shared customers.

As Supanc mentioned, even more retailers will have access to Amazon Counter technology in the future. To keep yourself up-to-date on nearby Counter locations, keep Amazon Hub's Counter page on deck. There, you'll be able to find local Counter spots and learn more about the technology for easy shopping and pickup.