The Meaning Of Beltane Celebrates The Magic & The Energy Within You

by Valerie Mesa
Ani Dimi, Stocksy

May is sweet, and the vivid colors of its seasonal blooms never cease to brighten the mood. It's no wonder the first of May, aka Beltane, is widely celebrated, as it marks the transition between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. The meaning of Beltane honors the fertility magic that mother earth gifts us with each spring, along with the element fire, which serves as a symbol of creation. Beltane takes place during Taurus season, and it's completely swathed in all things Venusian.

According to, Beltane has been observed for centuries in Europe, and is now celebrated among pagans, who honor the occasion with dancing, bonfires, and rituals. tThese colorful festivities and traditions go far beyond the Wiccan calendar, however, as different cultures around the world honored Beltane over the centuries and continue to do so today.

This highly-anticipated event is most often celebrated on the evening of April 30 and continued through May 1. Also known as May Day, some believe the festivities emerged in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, with agricultural rituals to ensure fertility for crops. I mean, can you imagine the type of energy our ancestors must have invoked?

The Most Fertile Time Of Year

According to, Beltane is a good time to practice fertility magic in hopes of producing an abundant crop by the time the harvest rolls around. The intention of planting seeds and watching them reach full bloom can be incredibly symbolic. I'm not saying I have a green thumb or anything like that, but I do believe this is an excellent way to promote spiritual growth and fertility in one's life — and "fertility" doesn't just mean "have a baby," either. So if you have space for a garden in your backyard, don't hesitate to get your hands dirty. Ask mother earth to continue blessing you with abundance, fertility, and the colorful prosperity you deserve.

Embrace The Goddess And God Within You

Nature is an infinite source of life and fertility, which is why sacred sex is a key ingredient to the magic of Beltane. According to, this ancient celebration honors the sacred union of the Goddess and the God in order to unify the divine feminine and masculine energies that live within us. While sex is a unique and fun experience, the sacred act of merging with another mind, body, and soul is divine itself is what Beltane is about.

Ignite The Fire That Lives Within You

Are you ready to dance in the fire? The fire element is another key ingredient to the ancient festivities, as the word “Beltane” derives from an ancient Celtic word meaning “bright fire," as per Interestingly enough, when practicing astrology, this element is a symbol of creation, enthusiasm, and passion, in case you were wondering where the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) inherited their ever-burning zealousness from.

If you're worried that you've missed the celebration because the season started yesterday and carries through today, don't be. You have until the summer solstice. So mote it be, and enjoy.