A heart drawn on the property deed in 'WandaVision'

This Tiny 'WandaVision' Detail Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

by Ani Bundel

The ability of WandaVision to hide so many answers in plain sight is one of the reasons it's become an easter egg generator. For instance, the commercials alluded to both Wanda & Vision's history and the Infinity Stones. Evan Peters was a walking, talking meta-joke referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's struggle to get back the rights to the X-Men from 20th Century Fox. But it's the tiny details within the WandaVision world that are the biggest heartbreakers of all. The meaning behind the hearts in WandaVision, for example, is a real kicker once fans put it together.

The hearts started in the very first episode, when the day's date (Aug. 23) had a heart drawn on it, and neither Vision nor Wanda could figure out why. Wanda decided it must stand for their anniversary and prepped for a romantic private meal for two. But in reality, Vision learned it stood for Mr. Hart, his boss, who would be bringing his wife over for dinner.

As Wanda pointed out to Vision, the idea they drew a heart on the calendar to represent something so important was ridiculous. As the Harts cooled their heels in the living room, she stood in the kitchen, flabbergasted. "You move at the speed of sound," she told Vision, "and I can make a pen float through the air. Who needs to abbreviate?"

Who indeed? In the moment, it seemed like a forced bit of business, a reason for the episode to have a sitcom-level calamity: "Will Wanda pull off a surprise dinner?"


But according to WandaVision director Matt Shakman, that heart was a deliberate foreshadowing of a later reveal — Wanda's fantasies were all playing out on a track of land Vision purchased for them in Westview. In the series' penultimate episode, viewers saw Wanda arrive in the dilapidated town of Westview, still suffering the economic after-effects of the Blip. She drove up to the foundations of the house Vision had left to her. It's a place he meant to build a house and grow old together in. On the deed is a drawing of a heart.

It's that heart, the promise of growing old together that's been taken away, that broke Wanda. Her magic then took over, turning the dirt and bricks and the deed she was holding into the house fans saw in Episode 1, with Wanda and Vision in their opening 1950s outfits. That deed, according to Shakman, was reflected in the calendar. Speaking to Marvel.com, he explained, "It's about the dance between love and loss. So the heart on the calendar is the heart on the deed."


It's not the only time the heart came back, either. In Episode 7's The Office-style opening credits, there's both a mug that reads "I (heart) Wanda" and an updated version of the Episode 1 calendar, with a date circled in a heart.

WandaVision is the MCU's first real love story, and Wanda and Vision's star-crossed history is a heartbreaker. These heart references only hit harder knowing Wanda finally found it in herself to say goodbye. Fans can only hope one day the two will say "hello" once again sometime in the future.