Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen Got Some Interesting Finger Tattoos, But They Aren't As Deep As They Seem


Chrissy Teigen debuted some brand-new tattoos. The model has gotten plenty of delicate, tiny designs inked over the years, but some fans are puzzling over the meaning of her latest addition. If you're confused, don't worry: The meaning behind Chrissy Teigen's finger dot tattoos isn't that deep.

On Thursday, March 18, the star shared a black-and-white Instagram photo of her right fingers, which were covered in a series of tiny black dots inked by Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Winter. Although the delicate pattern does kind of resemble a line of morse code, Teigen promises there isn't any profound meaning behind it. "Please don't tell me this means something in morse code, I just like dots," she joked in her IG caption. Teigen also shared the tattoo pic on Twitter, writing, "Morse code for I'm tired."

In his own Insta post, Winter revealed the star got her new ink on Wednesday, March 17. "Always fun always and full of laughs at these sessions!" he wrote in the caption. Teigen isn't the only celebrity who's a big fan of Winter's — he's also worked with other A-list stars like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus.

This lowkey dot design is different from many of Teigen's other tattoos, which carry deeply personal meanings. In January 2021, she shared a video of Winter tattooing the lyrics "Ooh Laa" (from a song off hubby John Legend's recent album Bigger Love) down her spine. ""ooooooooh la. shoowap shoowap," Teigen captioned the clip.

The media personality also has multiple family-inspired tattoos on her forearms. In April 2019, Teigen and Legend got their very first tattoos: Matching designs featuring their family's names written in cursive. Teigen paired it with a tiny heart on her index finger, sharing the pics on Insta with the caption, "Hey guys please don't talk to us unless u have tattoos we are a cool tattoo family now and we only want to talk to other tattoo families."

Later that year, she declared herself a "cool mom" after getting several loved ones' birth dates inked on her forearm.

And in November 2020, Teigen and Legend paid tribute to their late son Jack with sweet matching wrist tattoos of his name in cursive. Fans will have to wait and see if Teigen's future ink has a deeper meaning or is more lowkey, but her artistic tattoo designs are bound to make an impression every step of the way.