The McDonald's Twix McFlurry Is Back, So Thank You I'll Have Two

I have a confession to make: I love McFlurries. Like, I'll choose a McFlurry over any other dessert whenever I have the chance. Birthday cake? Nah, I'll take a McFlurry. Gourmet gelato? Nope, I'll have a McFlurry. Usually, my go-to pick is the M&M option — however, my preference might change now that the McDonald's Twix McFlurry is back. That's right: Your favorite McFlurry that's infused with chocolatey pieces and caramel sauce is available again. But before you head to your local Golden Arches, there's one tiny detail you should know. (OK, OK — it's actual a pretty big detail, so brace yourselves.)

The beloved Twix McFlurry is only available in McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom right now, per Delish. In other words, if you live in the United States, you won't be able to roll up to your local drive through and grab one. Instead, you'll have to make a trip across the pond in order to score the dessert (NBD, right?). According to The Sun, Twix McFlurries hit UK McDonald's menus on Jan. 30, 2019 — but there's no sign on McDonald's' website about how long they'll last. Still, The Sun reports that they'll be on the UK menu until March 19. That means you still have a decent amount to visit your local store and give one a try.

That also means that you still have time to book your plane ticket to the UK if you really want to taste the returning dessert. If that seems like too drastic of a plan (I don't blame you), then wait until it's released in America again.

McDonald's UK

I say "again" because U.S. McDonald's customers already had the chance to try the dessert in 2015, per Delish. However, it obviously wasn't permanent, because the flavor doesn't show up on McDonald's' current dessert menu. Instead, only the M&M and Oreo McFlurries appear to be available on U.S. soil. Don't get me wrong: I love a good M&M McFlurry — but dang, I'd love a scoop full of Twix pieces and gooey caramel sauce.

Let's talk more about what the Twix McFlurry is made of. According to its description on the McDonald's UK website, the "soft dairy ice cream" is mixed with " Twix chocolate coated biscuit pieces and chocolate caramel sauce."

YUM. I'll have two, please.

Thankfully, buying Twix McFlurries certainly wouldn't break the bank. In fact, you could buy a couple of them for less than $4 (depending on which sizes you order). According to The Sun, you can get a Twix Mini McFlurry for only £0.99, which equals about $1.30 USD. If you'd rather choose a larger option, you can buy the regular Twix McFlurry for £1.39, which translates to about $1.82 USD. Either way, you'll be spending less than a fiver on your favorite dessert.

McDonald's UK

While you wait for the Twix McFlurry to hit McDonald's menus in the United States, go ahead and try some other desserts that are currently on the menu. As I previously mentioned, you can get the M&M McFlurry or the Oreo McFlurry — but if you'd rather hold off on your McFlurry game until the Twix option is available, go ahead and snack on something else. Might I suggest a Hot Caramel Sundae? That, in my opinion, sounds like a pretty great option in the meantime (just keep in mind that it includes peanuts — but you can order it without 'em.)