'The Masked Singer' Added An Egg To Season 2's Character Lineup

The Monster, the Bee, the Peacock, and the Rabbit. A year ago, most would assume I was reciting the lineup of the latest children's picture book to hit the market. But The Masked Singer's arrival in the American marketplace changed all that. The Korean-based mystery celebrity singing competition was a surprise hit for Fox in January of 2019, so naturally, the network is bringing it back for a second season in the fall. Not only will there be new songs and new celebrities, but new ridiculous costumes. Fox revealed The Masked Singer added an Egg to the forthcoming season, so get ready to flip.

The egg-spectations for the new character are high. But in the past, some of the best-costumed characters have laid an egg when it comes to singing ability. Still, this celebrity will have the scramble if it turns out he (or she) is not all they are cracked up to be. No one likes a rotten performer.

The egg-cellent Egg is not the only new character trying to poach a position on the voter's favorite list. The competition will be hard to beat. Heading into the new season, five other new characters will vie to fry their rivals.


Joining the Egg on the performance platter stage:

  • The Skeleton, which along with skull head and boney feet will sport a top hat and tails.
  • The Flamingo, who is a pink-feathered friend, with a flamenco-style dancing costume.
  • The Leopard, a not very cat-like creature, dressed straight out of Elizabethan England and Shakespeare's time.
  • The Butterfly, who's horned head looks like she means business, and whose armored outfit might help her outlast the competition.
  • The Fox, who wears a loud steampunk-inspired outfit, and has me questioning his stealth skills.

The costumes might seem smaller this season, and more tailored to the celebrity's body than the first season, when costumes, like the big round Monster, were more favored. That's a deliberate choice on the part of the costume designer Marina Toybina.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Toybina admitted the costumes this season were changing after feedback from the celebrities in Season 1 made the production aware of visibility and mobility issues. Both are being addressed, especially in making sure the performers can see better.

There are visual points all over the masks. We were careful to create different peripheral vision so they can see on stage.

The Masked Singer has already been greenlit for both Season 2, which begins in September, and Season 3. The Masked Singer Season 3 will premiere in February, following Super Bowl LIV, one of the most coveted positions in the television calendar.

Asked if he was worried about burning out the hit by over-saturating, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier told reporters he wasn't concerned. According to RealityBlurred, he said:

[T]his year FOX will air about 30 hours of The Masked Singer. And for sake of comparison, by the end of this season, The Voice and The Bachelor franchise each will have aired at least 75 hours.

The Masked Singer Season 2 begins on Sept. 25, 2019, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.