The 'Manifest' Season 1 Finale Promo Claims The Answer Has Been There All Along


There's only one more episode of Manifest before the series goes into hiatus, with no word if there will even be a Season 2 yet. At one time a second season seemed almost guaranteed, with the Season 1 premiere debuting to 10 million viewers. But since then, numbers have fallen. Since early November, the show has been averaging in the 5 million range. But the show's writers are acting like Season 2 is a given, with more plot twists heading into the finale than most would risk. The Manifest Season 1 finale promo does promise one thing though, which fans haven't had yet: Answers.

The final episode for the season is entitled "Estimated Time Of Departure," bringing to a close the many flight-based title puns the show has relied on all year. With the mystery of the Callings becoming less about Flight 828, will Season 2 bother to continue with them?

Here's the synopsis for the final episode:

Ben and Michaela must confront a dire threat to the passengers' safety when Griffin schemes to take the callings public. Meanwhile, tensions between Jared and Zeke reach a boiling point, and Ben, Grace, and Olive make a devastating discovery.

And here's the final promo trailer for the season:

So... are they all dead? Who are the drawings of the star people? How have I never noticed the peacock lady picture before?

Even better, the answer may get solved by one of the show's more sidelined characters, Olive. Initially, Olive seemed less like a thoroughly thought through figure and more of a constant reminder of how many years Ben and Cal were gone, with the once-twins now five years apart in age.

But in the last couple of weeks, her character has been stepping up. The show has finally started taking advantage of the commonly assumed mysticism of the "twin-sibling relationship," giving Olive more of a connection to her brother and making her part of the mystery solving team. Since Grace is also all in on the mystery (she was part of the interrogation this week!), the Stone family finally has a tie that binds.


The real question for most though is what is going on with Zeke. Jared threw a jealousy hissy this week over Michaela's new manfriend, despite both Michaela breaking up with him the other week, and his still married to Lourdes. But Jared may be more right about Zeke being a danger to Michaela than everyone first thought. Call it a case of winding up with the right answer even though he initially was following the wrong trail of clues.

As Saanvi pointed out this week, the initial assumption about the Callings — and the people who received them — was this was somehow a breakthrough in humanity, a force for good. But after Griffin turned up this week, using them to further his criminal enterprise, she started questioning if the Callings were a good thing. Now it seems Zeke may also be shadier than everyone thought as well.

Could those with the Callings outside the Flight 828 manifest all turn out to be evil? Viewers will find out come next week.