The Promo For Next Week's 'Manifest' Will Make You Reconsider Everything

by Ani Bundel

It's a rare show that waits until the first season is almost over to start expanding their universe, but this is precisely what Manifest is doing, with only two more installments to go in the first season. After nearly 15 episodes where the survivors of Flight 828 seemed to be this particular group of people who had gained (or were being experimented on to trigger) telepathic-like powers, the show has introduced not one but two characters with the same abilities, who were never on the flight. The Manifest Season 1 Episode 15 promo suggests going into the penultimate episode this season, the show is about to pull the biggest twist of them all.

Next week's episode is called "Hard Landing," and from the looks of the trailer, this landing is going to be harder for some than for others. What happens when you spend months having everyone say you're special, only to discover you're just the tip of the special-people iceberg?

Here's the synopsis:

When Michaela meets the mysterious James Griffin during a police investigation, the passengers learn what happens when the callings fall in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Jared finds out about Zeke, setting him at odds with Michaela and her trust in the callings.

Here's the trailer:

As fans saw this week, James Griffin (guest star Marc Menchaca) is almost certainly somehow tied to Zeke's calling this week. Zeke (and Cal with him) both saw the same image: A wolf about to attack Michaela. Now, Griffin does not actually have a literal wolf emblem on him. (At least, there's no wolf emblem anyone has seen yet.) But the character resembles a wolf in human clothing as he smiles at Mick in the trailer.

Then there's the Major, who doesn't appear in this week's trailer, but who has tabs on just about everyone. But when given the opportunity, she didn't move in on Ben. She knows he's a loose cannon, and she knows Cal is the "holy grail" of the project, so what is she waiting for?

My guess: Saanvi. The good doctor has been mostly sidelined in her part of the plot, but I hypothesize her story about a female companion who stood her up on the trip to Jamaica may, in fact, *be* the Major herself. This would certainly explain why the Major is holding back on inserting herself into the narrative.


But perhaps the biggest wildcard going into these last two episodes is how Jared responds to learning about Mick going off the reservation, first with Zeke and now with this new Griffin character. He definitely didn't react well this week to learning about Zeke's existence. What Michaela needs right now is someone who has her back and will trust her and her Callings to find answers. Jared, if he were serious about being there for her, would do this. But instead, it looks like he's going to be "well-meaning but overbearing dude who screws it all up."

Manifest only has two more episodes before the Season 1 finale. Will there be answers when it comes or just more questions?