Awww, There Are So Many Lyrics About Shawn On Camila's New Album

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Camila Cabello dropped her second studio album, Romance, on Friday, Dec. 6, and there are no shortage of lyrics about her boyfriend Shawn Mendes on it. From subtle verses about their pre-relationship friendship to taking things to the next level (and everything in between), Cabello definitely used Mendes as her muse. Camila Cabello's lyrics about Shawn Mendes on Romance are so, well, romantic.

Cabello gushed about using her love life as inspiration to write the gorgeous lyrics on Romance during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Dec. 6.

"I was basically completely single for 20 years, and it was, like, the intensity and adrenaline of my life was in the studio, writing about an emotion that I wanted," Cabello explained. "Whereas, this time, it’s just been a lot that has happened and I’ve fallen in love and out of love and in love, and that’s basically what this album is about is just kind of falling in love and what that feels like."

So let's get into where she talks about Mendes, because, swoon.

"Used To This"

Fans will recall the first time Mendes and Cabello were spotted kissing, and moreso, where it was at. The two locked lips while out in San Francisco in July 2019, and that romantic date clearly inspired some of the lyrics in "Used To This."

No, I never liked San Francisco / Never thought it was nothing special / Till you kissed me there / No, I never liked windy cities / But I think maybe when you're with me / I like everywhere.

It seems like Mendes' hands, which are presumably calloused from all the guitar playing he does, were also an inspiration:

Think I need a drink / And the calluses on your fingers / I admire them from a distance / Now they're on my cheek

Twitter went wild over this tune.

"Should've Said It"

Cabello's lyrics on "Should've Said It" seem to reflect about how she moved on with Mendes shortly after her split from Matthew Hussey.

So you want me now? That's funny / 'Cause you didn't give a... back then / Comin' back around, so sorry / 'Cause there's no room in my bed / And I'm all good now, someone else is gettin' all of me (Ah) / If you wanted me so desperately, you shoulda said it


Cabello sings about finding a love she always dreamed of with someone who accepts her for exactly who she is. All signs point to Mendes — her longtime friend turned lover.

You really, really know me / The future and the old me / All of the mazes and the madness in my mind / You really, really love me / You know me and you love me / And it's the kind of thing I always hoped I'd find, yeah.
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"Dream Of You"

In "Dream of You," Cabello talks about a man who isn't the best dancer, something Mendes was open about during a behind-the-scenes video for their song "Señorita."

He's a bad dancer, he's a right answer / He's a shy singer most of the time / That's just him and I / He's an over-thinker, he's a slow kisser / A confined sinner all of the time / When it's him and I.

Cabello definitely poured her heart and soul into Romance, and the outcome is absolutely beautiful.