The ‘Liza On Demand’ Cast Is Major Friendship Goals, On Screen & Off

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Liza Koshy spent years as a one-woman production team. She rose to fame as a YouTuber who shot videos alone in her living room, popping on wigs to play different characters. But all that's changed now that she produces and stars in the YouTube Premium series Liza On Demand, which had its Season 2 premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 25. She now shares the camera with costars Kimiko Glenn and Travis Coles, and the three of them have formed a bond that extends way beyond the show. The Liza On Demand cast is major friendship goals both on screen and off.

Season 2 of Liza On Demand picks up where Season 1 left off, following the misadventures of Koshy's character (who shares her real-life first name), as she navigates the gig economy and makes her way through her 20s with roommates Harlow (Glenn) and Oliver (Coles). Luckily for fans, this season promises even more of her funny AF roommates.

"I think last season you got a taste of our dynamic and what our friendship was like, but [this season] we dive in a bit deeper with that," Glenn tells Elite Daily. "I think you can see how we make mistakes and learn from them, and how we challenge each other in certain ways. I think it’s a really fun representation of our friendship on screen and off screen."

The chemistry is undeniable.

The cast actually had an experience in real life that was strangely very similar to the one their characters have on the show. While they were filming Season 2 of Liza On Demand, Koshy, Glenn, and Coles all lived together, just like their characters.

"They both became my roommates in real life, so over the course of the show, while we were filming, we were also living together," Koshy explains. "It was amazing to go from, like, work, go back home and run lines, wake up together, go back to work... and then you’d think we’d be tired of each other, but we still hung out on weekends. It just worked because the chemistry is undeniable."

It's true; their chemistry is almost palpable. Even during their phone interview with Elite Daily, Koshy, Glenn, and Coles couldn't stop interjecting with inside jokes and effusive compliments for each other. When describing her transition from short videos to a full series, Koshy says she was lucky in her success. But Coles immediately interrupts, saying, "Liza’s being very modest. She’s not lucky, she’s a hard worker," and then Glenn jumps in, telling Koshy, "You’re amazing! People love you for a reason."

This season, Koshy makes her directorial debut and she says she's grown a lot as a creator through her work on the show. And while Koshy is growing in real life, so is her character Liza in Season 2.

"She’s trying to establish herself in the world," Koshy explains. "[Audiences will] see her friendships brought in and her getting into different situations where she’s emotionally trying to figure herself out, like what she wants out of life. So it’s cool. It’s very parallel to where I am in my life too."

Through it all, Koshy says she feels grateful for the way Liza On Demand has improved her life both professionally and personally.

"I mean, I got to hire my best friends who actually became my best friends in real life," Koshy says. "I couldn’t have dreamt a better dream."

Season 2 of Liza On Demand is currently streaming on YouTube, with new episodes getting released on Wednesdays.