Issa Rae & Regina Hall's New Movie Trailer Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

by Ani Bundel
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Some stories come around cyclically in Hollywood, and it seems like now is the time for the cycle to begin again. A Star is Born was remade last year. Little Women is being remade right now in time for Christmas. Along with these once-every-generation-films, it's also time for another take on Freaky Friday, the classic genre where a stuck up adult and a kid switch bodies to remind them both what's important in life. But the Little trailer starring Issa Rae and Regina Hall promises a brand new spin on the tale.

Little is less Freaky Friday, where a guardian and a kid switch bodies as much as it is, well the opposite of Tom Hanks' Big, or Zac Efron's 17 Again. Or maybe a better way to think of it is a corollary to the Jennifer Garner film, 13 Going on 30. Except instead of swapping places with a kid, the main character is merely wished back into her tween years.

Regina Hall plays Jordan Sanders, the narcissistic high-powered tech mogul boss of every Silicon Valley nightmare. Issa Rae is April, her long-suffering personal assistant. Until one day, when Sanders does her diva act in front of a kid in school, who pulls out her magic wand and wishes the terrible lady to become "little."

Check out the trailer.

Sanders wakes up the next morning to discover the spell worked, and she's turned into Marsai Martin (best known from black-ish.) Suddenly all the roles are reversed. Sanders becomes dependant on April to keep the company going and hide her embarrassing secret. But she also needs April to act as a guardian, so the state doesn't send her off to a foster home.

The result is Sanders getting to relive her middle school years with all the knowledge she's gained as an adult (and the outfits to match.) She even gets a good-looking teacher to smile at in Justin Hartley (This Is Us). Meanwhile, Rae's April finally gets a chance to shine in the office and instill some much needed discipline to her ward.

Martin and Hall produced the film in conjunction with black-ish's Kenya Barris, from an idea Martin pitched after seeing Freaky Friday for the first time. Tina Gordon (Peeples) directs from a script she wrote with Tracy Oliver, best known for the hit Girls Trip.

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Like Girls Trip before it, Little is a mainstream movie putting the complicated relationships between black women front and center. It also puts an entirely new spin on the Freaky Friday/Big concept, as all variations of this story since the original 1976 film was made have always starred white people. (A fact the movie acknowledges in the trailer.)

The release date also is well set, coming out in the middle of April, when the box office will be jam-packed with superhero and comic book movies from Shazam to Hellboy to Avengers: Endgame. If Little takes off in the theaters, it could serve as counterprogramming to all three of those films.

Little premieres on Friday, April 12, 2019.