'The Last Jedi' Deleted Scenes Will Leave 'Star Wars' Fans Wanting Even More

by Ani Bundel

When it comes to major motion pictures, re-shoots and alterations are simply a fact of life. Blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens had so many reshoots, they had to scrap the making of book because it was out of date. Rogue One also got massive amounts of re-shoots, so much so that it was practically re-directed. Our latest film is no exception. Though it wasn't at nearly at the level of it's predecessors, there are plenty of The Last Jedi deleted scenes that never made their way on screen.

Most of these cuts weren't because they were "bad" scenes or because they needed to be re-shot. In fact, most of what was cut was for time. The first cut of The Last Jedi ran three hours and 10 minutes long, which is akin to the Lord of the Rings. And like those Jacksonian epics, Johnson is planning to include a good 20 minutes of footage in the DVD extras that didn't make it into the theaters.

Let's run down the major cuts to the movie, most of which fans hope will make it into the DVD extras.

Rey's Last Lesson

In The Last Jedi, we see Luke tell Rey she'll get three lessons from him. But if you count, she actually only gets two.

  • The first is what the Force is, where she's sitting on the rock.
  • The second is how the Jedi failed, letting Darth Sideous rise.

But where's the third? It was cut for time. The full scene was filmed, and footage from it was shown in the behind-the-scenes reel above. It's a scene where Rey sees these raiders arrive on the island, and Luke tells her they've come to steal stuff and kill some of the Caretakers. Rey wants to stage a rescue, but Luke points out if she does, the raiders will return in greater numbers and kill everyone. She has to let a few die to protect the many.

Rey doesn't listen and runs down to the beach...

...only to discover the "raiding party" is actually holding a party-party, and the Caretakers are dancing and playing with glow sticks like they're at a Galaxy Far, Far Away Rave. Chewie, R2-D2, and the porgs are all there too. Luke was lying about anyone being in danger.

Rey storms back, screaming at Luke, saying she thought her friends were actually in danger. Luke tells her that's the point — her urge to go save her friends is the correct one, instead of letting the few die for the many, and that's why the Jedi should end. She just took off too fast for him to stop her.

But it's a lesson too far for Rey, and she storms off, betrayed by his lies.

Canto Bight Alterations


There were a *ton* of alterations to this scene from what ended up on screen. Let me bulletpoint through them.

  • Finn and Rose were originally supposed to sneak in wearing fancy duds, but because Finn has never worn a space tux, he puts it on backwards. This part wasn't actually filmed, so it won't be in the extras.
  • There was originally a lot more between Finn and Rose, where she is more clearly defined as having a crush on him, including jealously suggesting he's pining for Rey.
  • Finn originally told Rose his backstory as well as hers.
  • There were a lot more rooms that Rose and Finn crashed through during their wild ride, including a bathhouse sequence. The set for this was made, so hopefully this will be in the extras.
  • There were originally 85 practical creatures for the Canto Bight sequence. They knew not all of them would make it to screen, but more than expected were cut. Rumor says they will be saved for later movies, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • The broom wasn't originally in the hand of the kid, but they reshot to add it, in order to firmly tie it to the end. (This probably won't be in the extras, but that's an interesting edit.)

Finn Gets Recognized


When Finn, Rose, and BB-8 reach the dreadnought, there was a lot of business that got cut, including the Tom Hardy dialogue part of his Stormtrooper cameo. Apparently, when they get in the elevator, Hardy would recognize Finn, but instead think he got promoted, not that he's infiltrating the ship. (Apparently, this would also confirm that the First Order suppressed the news of Finn's desertion.)

Phasma Fires


The final thing that got cut was Phasma covering up what happened at the end of The Force Awakens. Apparently, when DJ first betrays them, Finn's response upon seeing Phasma is to blurt out how Phasma sold the codes to Han to survive. Finn begs the stormtroopers with her to join the Resistance, and there's a moment where you think they will... and then Phasma pulls out her blaster and guns them all down instead — both to cover up what they heard and to show Finn who is boss.