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Joey King Revealed When 'The Kissing Booth 2' Will Hit Netflix & It's Soon

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“Rules can be broken, but so can hearts.” If that tag line for The Kissing Booth 2 doesn't get you pumped for the sequel, perhaps this latest news will. Joey King (who plays the lead, Elle Evans) revealed The Kissing Booth 2's premiere date, and it's coming to Netflix sooner than expected.

Chances are, you've seen the first The Kissing Booth movie. It became a viral hit when it launched in 2018. Netflix's chief content office Ted Sarandos even said it was “one of the most-watched movies in the country, and maybe in the world.”

Because of this success, it's no wonder that Netflix gave the green light to The Kissing Booth 2. The sequel was officially announced on Valentine's Day 2019 (fitting), but news of the sequel's release date came much later, on May 21, 2020, on a live YouTube stream with King.

In the video, King slowly put together a puzzle that revealed The Kissing Booth 2's movie poster, which revealed sequel's July 24 release date.

Co-stars joined King in the YouTube conversation via video chat. There was also movie trivia games, a fan Q&A, and never-before-seen scenes that were deleted from the first film. Check out the full reveal below:

The first movie followed Elle, whose relationship with her BFF Lee (Joel Courtney) was jeopardized as she fell in love with her best friend's brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). Elle and Noah's first kiss was — you guessed it — in the school fundraiser's kissing booth, and from the moment those two connected, fans could tell there were some major sparks between them. The movie ended with Noah leaving for Harvard, while Elle had to stay behind to finish her senior year of high school — which left the fate of the couple up in the air.

Fans can only hope the sequel picks up where the first left off and shows how the couple has been managing their LDR. Deadline revealed The Kissing Booth 2 will see Elle in her senior year of high school, including getting into her dream college with Lee and growing close to her new classmate Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez). Meanwhile, her relationship may be on the rocks as Noah becomes close to a college classmate (Maisie Richardson), which will be a major trust test for the couple.

The Kissing Booth 2 premieres on Netflix on July 24.

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