Killing Eve

The ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Episode 3 Promo Will Leave You Wanting So Much More

by Ani Bundel
BBC America

Killing Eve Season 3 is only two episodes in, and the show is already a rip-roaring romp. And that's despite Eve's gunshot wound from the end of Season 2, making it hard to bend down. The series has already introduced assassination by clown suit, real estate that would make HGTV jealous, and of course, plenty of sublimely ridiculous moments. Oh, also, they killed Kenny. (All together now: You bastards.) If viewers thought things would slow down, the Killing Eve Season 3, Episode 3 promo says not so fast. Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow.

Kenny's death at the end of the premiere episode is the impetus to bring Eve back into the fold. After her dreadful experience being used and abused by Carolyn to work around MI-6 protocols, Eve has quit the bureau. She was trying her best to live a quiet life making dumplings at a restaurant. But once Kenny died, her need for revenge brought her back to Carolyn's kitchen with a plan to start investigating.

Episode 2 also delivered another needed detail for both Villanelle and Eve. Both believed the other to at least be inactive, if not dead. But Carolyn handed Eve evidence that Villanelle was back on the assassination game. And Konstantin brought Villanelle confirmation Eve is alive and well, despite her best gunplay efforts.

Naturally, Villanelle is already obsessed with letting Eve know she knows, and it won't be long before Eve lets Villanelle know she knows she knows.

You know?

In between, the madcap scramble will continue. Despite the presence of Geraldine cramping her style, Carolyn will continue to run her life as she sees fit. (And if that's from the bath, so be it.) Villanelle and Dasha will continue to tear up Barcelona. (Harriet Walter seems to do nothing this season but smoke cigarettes and shoot vodka, and that's alright with me.)

And as for Eve, it looks like the long search for Kenny's killers has begun, with footage of her back in the Bitter Pill office. But how long can she stay focused once the teddy bears start showing up from Villanelle?

Pity the teddy bears, everyone. No stuffed bear ever asked for such treatment.