The Jonas Wives Were Clapping & Dancing In The BBMA Audience Like Regina George's Mom

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The past year has been pretty wild for the Jonas Brothers. Not only did they make a huge comeback, but they’ve also added to their family. As you know by now, Nick Jonas married actress Priyanka Chopra, making him the last in this trio of brothers to finally find love. Chopra joined Joe Jonas’ bride-to-be Sophie Turner and Kevin Jonas’ wife Danielle Jonas to form the “J Sisters.” While they’re not exactly a musical group like their significant others, they are attached at the hip. And they proved that during the Jonas Brothers' performance! Not only were they watching their hubbies in awe, but they were also singing along to the song! The Jonas wives singing along to the Jonas Brothers' BBMA performance is literally the cutest thing ever!

All three of them were enthusiastically singing along to "Sucker" while watching from the audience. At one point, Chopra kissed her hubby as he walked on to the stage. And then later, all three wives were seen clapping their hands as they watched the guys on stage. It was the sweetest! Of course, the J Sisters were all featured in the video for "Sucker," so they were in in full sister-in-law mode. And they did a great job.

In a March 13 report from People, Nick talked a bit about what it was like to have the ladies on the set of the “Sucker” music video, which is pretty much all about them and how much the Jonas Brothers love them.

“They absolutely killed it,” he said. “For us, we just tried to step out of the way and let them shine. Then the reaction to it has just been unreal. If we get to do more music videos with them in the future, it’d be a great time.”

So, it sounds like the J Sisters really know how to make things happen on set, which isn’t surprising considering Turner and Chopra are both actresses. In any case, the Jonas Brothers are clearly smitten with these ladies and their lyrics prove it. Here’s a look at the chorus for “Sucker”:

I am a sucker for all the subliminal things / No one knows about you (about you) / About you (about you) / And you're making the typical me / Bring my typical rules / It's true I'm a sucker for you

During that same interview with People, Nick also gushed about his wife and what it’s like to share the spotlight with his brothers and the loves of their lives, too.

“We have these incredible people in our lives — Kevin and I with our wives and Joe with his fiancée Sophie — and it was really important to us to include them from the beginning,” Jonas explained. “It’s a family affair across the board. It makes everything better knowing that they’re there with us.”

Obviously, the Jonas Brothers are in a really great place right now, and the fact that their wives can join them is just an added bonus. I’m sure the J Sisters are waiting with bated breath to catch their guys’ performance. Everyone else is, too!