The Internet's Obsessed With These 39 Straight-Up Brilliant Products On Amazon

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There are tons of smart, clever, and genius products out there, but what are the qualities that make something truly brilliant? Is it price point? The fact that it's a clever invention? Personally, I would argue that it really comes down to whether or not you'll actually get any use out of it. I can snag lots of cool items for $20, but do I use all of them? Not always. And when it comes to the brilliant products available on Amazon, it's important to focus on the items you'll actually end up using.

And I don't mean "sorta-kinda using but mostly it sits in a cabinet collecting dust" — I mean you're getting weekly, if not daily wear out of it. Take the high-waisted yoga capri pants I've included in this list, for example. You may not go to the gym every day, but these pants also have a convenient pocket on each leg that make them great for lounging around. And there's a personal blender that you can use to make smoothies at the office — not only saving you money, but ensuring you'll be on time for that early meeting (just blend it as you're heading to the conference room).

There are so many smart and practical products available on Amazon — and these are some of the most straight-up brilliant ones I could find.

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