The Internet's Obsessed With These 39 Straight-Up Brilliant Products On Amazon

There are tons of smart, clever, and genius products out there, but what are the qualities that make something truly brilliant? Is it price point? The fact that it's a clever invention? Personally, I would argue that it really comes down to whether or not you'll actually get any use out of it. I can snag lots of cool items for $20, but do I use all of them? Not always. And when it comes to the brilliant products available on Amazon, it's important to focus on the items you'll actually end up using.

And I don't mean "sorta-kinda using but mostly it sits in a cabinet collecting dust" — I mean you're getting weekly, if not daily wear out of it. Take the high-waisted yoga capri pants I've included in this list, for example. You may not go to the gym every day, but these pants also have a convenient pocket on each leg that make them great for lounging around. And there's a personal blender that you can use to make smoothies at the office — not only saving you money, but ensuring you'll be on time for that early meeting (just blend it as you're heading to the conference room).

There are so many smart and practical products available on Amazon — and these are some of the most straight-up brilliant ones I could find.

Lifestyle — The Internet's Obsessed With These 39 Straight-Up Brilliant Products On Amazon

1. The Protein Shaker That Blends Your Powder For You

No matter how hard I shake up my protein drinks, there's always a few clumps of wet powder that get cemented to the bottom — but not with the PROMiXX vortex mixer. This electric protein shaker blends your mix in just a few seconds, and it's powered by two AAA batteries so that you can easily use it no matter where you are. Cleaning is as simple as blending soapy water in it, and it's incredibly lightweight so it's easy to take with you.

2. An LED Lantern You Can Charge Your Phone With

Not only is it water-resistant against rain and splashing liquids, but the Enbrighten LED lantern can run for up to 200 before needing a battery change. Each order also comes with a locking carabiner clip that you can use to hang it up, and there's even a USB port you can use to charge your devices. There are three brightness levels to choose from (low, medium, or high), and the LED bulb will have a lifetime of over 10,000 hours — making it a perfect addition to an emergency kit.

3. The Organizer That Lets You Keep Track Of Purses, Towels, And More

Even though it's purpose-made to keep track of all the purses and backpacks in your closet, the ZOBER organizer can also be used to sort the towels or sheets, too. There are eight large slots which give you plenty of space to store your belongings, and each slot is transparent so you can easily see what's inside. The hanging hook is made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and it's designed to hang on any standard closet rod.

4. A Computer Monitor Stand You Can Adjust For Easy Viewing

If you're tired of staring down at your computer screen, try using the 3M monitor stand to lift it up and ease the strain on your neck. This stand is made with stacking columns that give you three different adjustable heights to choose from, and the space underneath makes for a great place to store notebooks so you can maximize your desk space. The base is non-skid so that it stays firmly in place, and it's able to hold up to 80 pounds of weight.

5. The Tool That Lets You Easily Cook Delicious Eggs In The Microwave

You could dirty up a pan on the stove — or you could save yourself some of the mess by using the Chef Buddy microwave egg maker instead, and still get perfect eggs every single time. This handy tool lets you cook eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, and more in your microwave. It rinses clean with soapy water, and its compact size means it takes up hardly any space at all when in storage.

6. A Deodorizing Body Wipe Made From 100 Percent Bamboo

These Alcala deodorizing body wipes are made from durable, eco-friendly bamboo that won't tear as you wipe yourself down — and they're infused with tea tree extract, aloe vera, and chamomile so that your skin is left feeling hydrated. One reviewer writes: "Other wipes, they come all in one package stacked together, they dry out, and they're small, and sometimes smell too fragrant. But these body wipes come individually packaged, and are wet and fresh every time. Plus, they're large, with one smooth side and one textured, which really lets you maximize its use. After a hike, one wipe will get your face, arms and legs done."

7. The Inflatable Camping Pillow That's Completely Waterproof

Made from durable TPU fabric that maintains its shape over time and is puncture-resistant, the OutSmart camping pillow is a lightweight, portable pillow that you can easily take with you almost anywhere. The ergonomic design keeps your head supported while you relax — and because it's inflatable, you get to choose how firm or soft it fees. Plus, once you're done using it, this handy pillow folds down to take up less space in your luggage than a can of soda.

8. A Personal Blender That Keeps The Mess To A Minimum

Because it lets you blend your ingredients directly in a convenient to-go bottle, the Hamilton Beach personal blender is a game-changer who wants breakfast in the morning but hates being late. It can hold up to 14 ounces of your favorite smoothie or shake — and the stainless steel blades easily power through ice without losing their sharpness over time. You can keep this blender in your office or dorm without taking up much space since it's incredibly compact, and it's completely BPA-free.

9. The Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

It can be difficult to remember to drink as much water as everyone says you should (it's a lot) — which is why the QuiFit daily water bottle has markings on the side that remind you to take a few gulps every two hours. It's made from 100 percent BPA-free plastic, and the straw is removable if you prefer to sip directly from the bottle. The mouth is extra-wide so you can add ice cubes easily, and reviewers like that it's an easy way to track progress.

10. A Car Smartphone Mount With Two USB Charging Ports

Mounting your phone to the air vent in your car doesn't always feel very stable, but the Macally cup holder phone mount has an adjustable base so that it fits securely into a standard-sized cup holder. There are two USB charging ports that allow you to power your devices without needing to unplug the mount, and the gooseneck is flexible so that you can adjust the viewing angle depending on your preferences.

11. The Microfiber Towel That Helps Reduce Frizz

Regular cotton towels can cause breakage from the friction it causes when you're rubbing your head down — but the DuraComfort Essentials microfiber towel is incredibly soft, allowing it to gently absorb moisture while simultaneously combating frizziness. This towel is great for all types of hair, but really works incredibly well for curly hair that requires some air drying. One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer even raved that "it definitely reduces frizz, and my curls come out much nicer after using this towel!"

12. A Cooler Designed To Keep Your Cans Refreshingly Cold

Whether you hate warm beer or love an ice-cold soda, the BrüMate can cooler can solve all your beverage temperature problems. Able to fit any 12-ounce slim can, this cooler is made with double-walled stainless steel and an extra copper layer that keeps your drinks up to 20 times colder than a regular neoprene sleeve — plus, the push-lock technology keeps the can in place while you sip.

13. The Towel That Keeps You Cool In The Hot Weather

Perfect for hot summer days and intense workouts, the Chill Pal cooling towel makes it easy to stay refreshingly cool when you're feeling the burn. This towel is made with evaporative technology that allows it to stay colder than traditional cotton towels when wet: All you have to do is soak it, wring it out, then wear it on your head or shoulders in order to quickly beat the heat. One reviewer writes: "I couldn't believe how much better I felt with this Towel around my neck while I continued with chores around the house in such hot weather."

14. A Portable Fan That Plugs Into Any USB Port

Plug it into your computer to get a quick breeze at the office, or connect ARCTIC mini USB fan to any external battery to help you cool down while you're on-the-go. The powerful motor allows the blades to rotate 1,700 times per minute so that you actually experience a cooling breeze instead of a questionable draft, and it operates at a near-silent level so you won't disturb your neighbors.

15. The Remote That Lets You Take Smartphone Photos From A Distance

Having to shuffle around in time before the camera timer reaches zero can be quite annoying — but using the CamKix remote camera control is as easy as pressing a button. This remote pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can take photos from up to 30 feet away, and there's also a second button on the remote that allows you to begin recording video. It's compatible with all types of smartphones, and you can easily keep it on a lanyard or keyring.

16. An Organizer That Helps You Straighten Out The Trunk Of Your Car

It's easy for the trunk of your car to turn into a dumping ground for random items, so why not straighten it out with Starling's trunk organizer? This organizer has plenty of compartments for you to store your groceries, emergency tools, cleaning supplies, and more — plus, it also has a three-layer waterproof board on the bottom to keep everything safe from damage. The dividers on the inside won't warp when put up against heavy loads, and it's also made from soft polyester so you won't have to worry about it scratching delicate items or electronics.

17. The Nightstand Lamp With A Dimming Feature That Lets You Set The Mood

Not only does it feature three different brightness levels so you can easily set the mood in your bedroom, but the Macally nightstand lamp also has four built-in USB ports that allow you to charge your devices while you relax. This lamp is touch-activated so you'll never have to search blindly for the on switch when you're in the dark, and the included LED bulbs have a lifetime of over 10,000 hours.

18. A Pair Of Capri Workout Pants That Have Pockets

The ODODOS capri workout pants have a high waist and are also made with four-way stretch fabric that moves comfortably with you. And of course, they have pockets that fit your smartphone. These pants are great for jogging as well as stationary activities like yoga — and they even wick moisture away from your body to help you keep dry while you're sweating. Available sizes: XS-XXL

19. The Wallet That Attaches To The Back Of Your Phone Case

Losing your wallet can be a complete disaster, so keep your valuables with you at all times by using the LifeStyle Designs phone case wallet. This convenient wallet attaches to the back of your phone case, and it's large enough that it can hold up to five credit cards (or your ID). There's also a bonus cash pocket that's hidden in the front, and the finger strap gives you added control over your phone when texting or taking selfies.

20. A Tool That Keeps Your Handbag Off The Floor While You Drive

You could keep your bag on the floor of your car and let it get dirty, or you could use the Car Caché handbag holder instead. This convenient tool is great for holding your purse, umbrella, gloves, or even charging cords so that they're easily accessible from the front seat of the car. The included 3M hooks keep it securely fastened to any headrest, it's designed to fit all types of handbags, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that it also works as a barrier to keep her dogs from jumping into the front seat.

21. The Undated Planner That You Can Pick Up And Use Anytime

The Scribbles That Matter planner features pages that let you keep track of monthly as well as yearly goals, and it's loaded with motivational illustrations to help keep you going. Many Amazon reviewers noted how great the paper quality is, and one even raved that the "semi-structured pages are thoughtfully ordered, and aid how easy this journal is to use, even with minimal set-up time." It's also undated, so you can start using it whenever.

22. A Condiment Fork That Attaches Directly To Any Jar

Whether you're fishing for a pickle or trying to get the last olive at the bottom of the jar, the Chef'n condiment fork is the perfect option to grab food without getting it all over your hands (and contaminating the jar). The rubber band wraps around the rim of your jars so that you always have an available fork to retrieve their contents, and the caddy catches any drips so that your refrigerator shelves stay clean.

23. The Organizer That Keeps Your Necklaces, Earrings, And More Organized

Instead of letting your jewelry get tangled by storing it loosely in your luggage, try keeping it neat and tidy with the BAGSMART jewelry organizer. This portable organizer holds rings, bracelets, earrings, and more — plus, the five snap straps at the top make it easy to hang necklaces so that they don't become knotted and tangled. The plastic card is able to hold up to 15 pairs of earrings, and the zipper pouches are great for smaller accessories like bobby pins or hair ties.

24. An Inflatable Cooler That's Great For Hot Days At The Pool

Not only does it feature six cup holders so that you and your friends have a convenient place to keep your beverages, but the Intex inflatable floating cooler also has a removable ice chest so that filling it up underneath any ice dispenser is incredibly easy. The four handles make it easy to move with you during a day at the pool or lake, and it's able to hold up to 72 cans in addition to ice.

25. The Chic Bangle Bracelet That Holds Your Bag Off The Ground

The Clipa bag hanger securely hangs your purse off any desk or flat surface — so even if that bar doesn't have a hook, you can keep your stuff off the floor. When it's not being used to suspend your bag, this hanger is designed to be worn as a cute bangle bracelet, and it's made with triple-plated high-strength metal alloy that won't tarnish over time. It's strong enough that it can hold up to 33 pounds, and the non-slip foot pads keep it secure to whatever surface you hook it on.

26. A Colander Designed To Fit Into Almost Any Can

Whether it's olives or chickpeas, the Progressive can colander can help you strain the liquid from a can without using a whole giant colander. It snaps onto the top of almost any open can, and one reviewer writes: "it isn't actually for just draining. It is to keep from cutting anything (fingers!) while draining and, most importantly, not losing any tuna down the drain."

27. The Compression Ankle Sleeve That Help To Alleviate Joint Pain

Perfect for arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue, or even stress fractures, the Tech Ware Pro compression sleeve is a great option for anyone looking to alleviate pain in their feet. These sleeves help encourage healthy blood flow throughout your muscles while simultaneously reducing inflammation, plus the non-slip fit ensures that they won't fall down into your shoes while you're hiking, running, or even just lounging around at home. One reviewer writes: "This product is outstanding. I have plantar fasciitis and have been wearing them for about a month. I run almost everyday with them on. It has taken the pain away in my left foot and the right foot is much better since wearing the sleeve."

28. A Pack Of Clip-On Bowls That Make It Easy To Eat Delicious Dip

Whether you're eating salsa, guacamole, or hummus, these Progressive clips are a fun kitchen gadget that keep your dips from getting everywhere. These clips are made with a strong clip that allows you to attach them to your bowls and plates, plus the soft grip material on each clip prevents any accidental scratches to your dishes.

29. The Mirror That Eliminates The Blind Spot When You're Driving

Not checking your blind spot in your side view mirror while you drive can be a recipe for disaster, but the Ampper blind spot mirror has a curved design that allows you to see more than you would without it. Each order comes with 3M adhesive so that installing it is incredibly simple, plus it's designed to fit onto practically any model of SUV, truck, car, RV, or van.

30. A Throat Spray Made With Bee Propolis Extract

Not only is the bee propolis extract in the Beekeeper's Naturals throat spray great for reducing inflammation and alleviating pain from sore throats, but it's also completely natural. In fact, there are only three ingredients in the formula: Canadian bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water. There are zero artificial preservatives, colors, or refined sugars, too. Of course, you should avoid this if you have any bee allergy.

31. The Makeup Organizer With A Rotating Carousel So You Can Store Practically Everything

Some makeup organizers only feature a rotating carousel, whereas others give you slots for your lipsticks and nail polishes — the Readaeer rotating makeup organizer, on the other hand, does both! I actually own this organizer, and I'm able to store hair sprays, sunscreen, nail polish, blender sponges, and more with room to spare, plus the shelves on the carousel are adjustable depending on how tall or short your products are.

32. A Gel That Gets All The Stubborn Dust And Grime Underneath Your Keyboard

Whether you've got a dirty keyboard or dusty vents in your house that you'd like to clean out, the ColorCoral cleaning gel can help you get the job done. This gel is completely biodegradable with a light lemon fragrance, and gently lifts away dirt and grime from awkward nooks and crannies. You can use this gel over and over again until it turns dark in color, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky.

33. The Electric Wine Bottle Opener Made From Stainless Steel

If you're tired of having to twist and pull to get the cork out of your wine bottle, why not give the Secura electric wine bottle opener a try? This handy device opens your bottle of wine in seconds, and the stainless steel housing is rust-resistant and durable. The built-in battery is rechargeable and can open up to 30 bottles when fully charged, plus each order also comes with a handy foil cutter.

34. A Vitamin C Serum that Helps Fade Stubborn Acne Scars

Not only is vitamin C great for helping to fade stubborn acne scars, but the LilyAna Naturals vitamin C serum also helps to get rid of dark circles underneath your eyes. It's even great for helping to boost the collagen production in your skin, keeping it plump and hydrated. You can add this serum to your favorite lotions and creams in order to give your complexion a boost of brightness, plus the added hyaluronic acid in the formula is great for moisturizing dry skin.

35. The Handy Accessory That Helps Your Rings Fit Better

Your rings can easily slide off your fingers if they're too big for you, which is why the GWHOLE ring adjuster is designed to help keep rings that are a little large securely in place. Just wrap the coil around your ring for it to fill up the empty space between the metal and your finger — it's made form high-quality PVC material that won't irritate your skin. And as an added bonus, each order also comes with a silver polishing cloth.

36. A Fly Trap That Doesn't Rely On Harmful Poisons To Rid You Of Bugs

If you have small children at home, you'll want to use a fly trap that doesn't rely on harmful poisons to get rid of bugs like the Safer Brand fly magnet. This convenient fly trap is safe around children and pets — plus, it's reusable so that you won't have to go out and buy replacements. Just add water to the trap, wait for it to fill up, then dump its contents into the trash. When you're ready to catch more flies, simply fill it up with water again.

37. The Bluetooth Headphones That Are Completely Waterproof

With built-in noise cancellation as well as a microphone so that you can easily hear any incoming calls, the LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones are a great option for anyone looking for a lightweight pair of Bluetooth headphones that won't break the bank. These headphones set themselves apart from the competition by being completely waterproof — plus, there are control buttons on the earpiece that let you skip tracks, answer calls, and adjust the volume. The battery lasts for up to eight hours when fully charged, and the ear hooks keep them securely on your head while you exercise.

38. A Compact Iron Designed With Dual Voltage

Not only does its lightweight and compact size make it great for traveling, but the Steamfast mini iron also features dual voltage so that you can use it overseas without an adapter. Unlike larger irons, this one heats up in just 15 seconds and features three different temperature settings to choose from depending on what type of fabric you're ironing. Additionally, the anti-slip handle gives you a firm, secure grip.

39. The Face Wash That Helps To Hydrate Dry Skin

If you have dry skin that doesn't fare well with harsh facial cleansers, try out this long-time favorite: CeraVe hydrating face wash. This facial cleanser has a unique formula that uses moisturizing hyaluronic acid that won't dry out your skin, yet still effectively gets rid of dirt and grime so that your complexion is left looking refreshed. It's completely fragrance-free as well as non-comedogenic, and it won't clog your pores. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.