You Could Win $1,000 For A Vacay By Complaining About The Cold With's Winter Swear Jar

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that it's really freakin' cold outside. Whether you're getting slammed by freezing rain in the Northeast, experiencing sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest, or living through unprecedented amounts of snowfall in the Northwest, there's no question that it's been a rough winter. If you've been feeling frustrated about the cold winter weather, icy windshields, and school cancellations feel free to let it all outline because the Winter Swear Jar on Twitter could reward you for cussing out the cold.

Yeah, you read that right: will literally pay you to swear about winter, which TBH, isn't too hard if you live just about anywhere in the United States right now. The booking chain has created the "Winter Swear Jar," a virtual piggy bank that gets a quarter added to it for every "profanity-laden, anti-winter tweet." Every time the jar fills up to $1,000, one lucky winter-hater will get all the money to book a trip somewhere warm with To participate, simply tweet with with #WinterSwearJar or enter your information on the Swear Jar website. Pre, Every time the jar fills up to 1,000, the amount will reset to $0, but worry not — Twitterverse's winter profanity will keep generating cash and the jar will fill and empty 10 times until mid-March, just in time for spring. If you don't win the first time, keep swearing online until you do.

If you need some tweet ideas or simply want to commiserate with all the people freezing their butts off across the country, check out some of these anti-winter tweets generating cash for the Winter Swear Jar.

Some people are just waiting until the winter is over:

Others simply want to GTFO:

But most people are just downright frustrated:

As of publication, the Winter Swear Jar is well over the $600, meaning one lucky person is more than halfway toward their warm weather trip. If you enter on the online rather than tweeting, the Winter Swear Jar will display a swear-filled message with instructions for what to do next:

Keep an eye on your email. Every time the #WinterSwearJar fills up, one lucky ******* will go someplace warm. And that ******* might be you...Share #WinterSwearJar on social and get your friends to take you the **** out of winter with them if they win.

The website even lists some warm trip ideas to Orlando, Los Angeles, or Myrtle Beach under the Swear Jar to get your creative juices flowing.

According to the official rules and regulations for the Winter Swear Jar sweepstakes, you must be 18 years or older to enter, and the last day to participate is either March 22, 2019 or when 10 prizes are awarded. The $1,000 will be awarded in the form of a gift card and only residents of the United States are eligible to enter.

So if you haven't already, get busy cussing out winter online. Who knows? You might get paid for it!