You'll Love Harry Potter Even More After Learning The Hogwarts Express Train Rescued A Stranded Family

by Collette Reitz

It's no surprise that Harry Potter books and movies are beloved by many. You'll hear Potterheads talking about whether they're more Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and what they would do if the Sorting Hat put them into Slytherin. It's such a magical series that fans try their hardest to imagine what it would be like to actually live in the wizarding world. Well, since the Hogwarts Express train rescued a stranded family in Scotland, you can now get a glimpse into what it's like to live out a scene from Harry Potter.

According to BBC News, the situation arose when the Cluett family found themselves stranded in the Scottish Highlands. The family of six — parents Jon and Helen and their four children — were vacationing during a school holiday on the shores of Loch Elit, a freshwater loch (body of water) in the Scottish Highlands, when their canoe was suddenly ripped away from the rocks to which they tied it. The family had paddled the canoe to the bothy, which is a free-use cottage that is located in some remote areas, and they planned to use the canoe to paddle back to their car in the morning. The other way back to the family's vehicle would have been a three-mile hike over difficult terrain.

Seeing as though they needed some help, Jon Cluett, according to BBC News, phoned the police and mountain rescue to see if they would be able to help. Thankfully, the police informed Cluett that the family could head toward the train tracks that were only about 400 meters (about a quarter of a mile) away, because they would be sending a train for them.

This was not just any train that would be chugging toward the Cluetts, though. The first train that was available to pass by where the family was waiting happened to be none other than the Hogwarts Express steam train. I can only imagine the looks on the children's faces when they heard that news.

As soon as the Cluetts got word that the Hogwarts Express was on its way, the family hustled out of the bothy and got to the tracks just as the train was pulling up — no word on if there was a sign for Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

Jon Cluett relayed to BBC News that even though it was a tough situation losing the boat and all, he was relieved to see the smiles on his children's faces as the magical locomotive arrived to bring their family to safety. Cluett even said that there was a turning point when the scary situation began to feel like a fun adventure. BBC News reported that the family was dropped off at the next train stop, and they were able to retrieve their car from there.

Since the Harry Potter series of books is full of action and adventure, it seems almost fitting that a Potter encounter in real life would involve some sort of drama as well. And hey, if any of the children were planning on dressing up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween, they won't have to depend only on the pages of the books and scenes from the movies for inspiration. They can now draw from their very own Hogwarts Express experience to lend authenticity to their characters.

Of course, it's comforting to know that it all worked out well for the Cluett family in the end. A dramatic train rescue is always a good story, but a train rescue by the Hogwarts Express is a magical tale that this family will be able to tell for many years to come.

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