Jacon Mckinnon who plays Sean on 'Firefly Lane' stars in TurboTax's Super Bowl 2021 commercial.

The Guy In TurboTax's Super Bowl Commercial Is Sean From 'Firefly Lane' & I'm Shook


There are so many celebs that pop up all throughout the Super Bowl in unpredictable commercials. The annual football event is well known for spawning surprising new ads, and TV fans might have noticed a very familiar face in TurboTax's short clip during the big game. Yep, the guy in TurboTax's Super Bowl 2021 commercial is Sean from Firefly Lane, so it was def a great moment for everyone who watched the latest Netflix hit.

Jason Mckinnon served up some serious emotional drama on Firefly Lane, Netflix's recent release about the ups and downs in the lives of two best friends, Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke). As Kate's older brother Sean, Mckinnon had an extremely emotional arc as he learned to accept his sexuality and open up to his loved ones. But his most recent character — a singing tax expert named Eric in TurboTax's Super Bowl ad — was decidedly more silly.

In the commercial, Mckinnon's Eric zooms around the world in a laptop monitor to rhythmically explain bizarre tax deductions that would probably surprise viewers. True to the vibe of most Super Bowl commercials, the clip leaned heavily on the bizarre, and Mckinnon took to Instagram to confirm he's the star of the ad by reposting it.

It's not always easy to catch the famous faces that pop up in these commercials, but diehard Firefly Lane fans took to Twitter after TurboTax's commercial aired to celebrate Sean's surprise appearance.

Mckinnon's face is fresh in a lot of Netflix users' minds since Firefly Lane dropped on the streamer just a few days before Super Bowl LV. The drama series premiered on Wednesday, Feb. 3, adapting Kristin Hannah's 2008 novel of the same name. Since the show only just debuted, Netflix has yet to reveal if it will pick up a second season or not, but fans should have hope for a follow-up given that Hannah's novel has a sequel called Fly Away, which the series could easily adapt for a second season.

For now, fans who have already finished Firefly Lane can enjoy Mckinnon's fun TurboTax ad while they wait for any news about a potential Season 2.