Next Week's 'Grey's Anatomy' Hints At An All-Time Low For Betty

ABC/Eric McCandless

On Grey's Anatomy, Owen and Amelia just can't catch a break. First, Teddy dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant with Owen's baby, complicating Owen's thoughts about which relationship was best for him. Then Amelia's pseudo foster child Betty turned out to be lying about her identity and where her parents were, meaning that Owen now faced the possibility of losing custody of Betty's son Leo. They say bad things happen in threes, and the Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 14 promo seems to be the nail in Owen and Amelia's coffin of tough luck. The show has been candid about Betty / Brittany's struggle with drugs, but she's about to hit an all-time low in her addiction.

In Feb. 14's "I Walk the Line," Betty's (Peyton Kennedy) parents showed up at Grey Sloan, having realized that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) was now their daughter's guardian. In addition to lying to Amelia about her name and having a friend pose as her parents for check-in phone calls, Betty managed to never tell her mom and dad about Leo. The couple bonded enough with their grandson that they tried to take him home that day, but Owen (Kevin McKidd) fought back, reminding them that he was the baby's legal guardian and he could arrest them for kidnapping.

During this confrontation, Betty / Brittany's dad John (Kyle Secor) shared that he was against leaving his grandson alone with another drug addict. Although Owen's threats sent the grandparents away for now, Amelia confiding in Betty's mom (Jennifer Grey) about her past issues with drugs prompted an argument between her and Owen. They were already on shaky ground, but this disagreement plus what's coming their way doesn't bode well for the couple.

In the promo for Feb. 21's "I Want a New Drug," the hospital is inundated with patients after a widespread drug overdose happens within the neighborhood. During the emergency, Link (Chris Carmack) rushes to Owen with an unconscious Betty in his arms, telling him that she took meth and opioids. She's taken into surgery, and while Amelia waits with Betty's parents, Teddy (Kim Raver) takes charge in the OR. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) also prepare to help their honorary sister deal with the potential of losing Betty, but based on the promo ending with Amelia sobbing, Betty's health may not be salvageable.

ABC's synopsis for the episode reads:

While Meredith breaks a hospital record, the rest of the doctors are sent scrambling in the wake of a massive overdose within the community. Meanwhile, Jackson wants to take a reluctant Maggie camping, and Levi and Nico’s relationship continues to develop.

If Betty does die as a result of her overdose, the story could easily segue into the season's Amelia-centric episode. That story will also include the introduction of Derek Shepherd's fourth sister, Kathleen (Amy Acker), so Amelia turning to family in a time of grief makes total sense. Based on the network's description of Feb. 28's episode, Amelia's solo story isn't happening right away, but if she drops into an emotional funk, the eventual focus on her mindset will be much welcomed.

Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy continues on Thursday, Feb. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.