The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Fall Finale Ended With A Hilarious Cliffhanger

by Ani Bundel

The Grey's Anatomy fall finale is here, which means that no matter how the show ended, it was going to be at least two full months before fans found out what happens next. With the show probably not coming back until mid-January, this needed to end on a cliffhanger big enough to hold fans over for weeks on end. But even so, as each set of characters entered different elevators, I'm not sure anyone saw that ending coming. The Grey's Anatomy elevator cliffhanger might just be the funniest way to end a Grey's half-season Shondaland has come up with yet. Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 fall finale follow.

So let's recap really quick the major plot points which went down in the last few minutes of the finale.

In Elevator #1...

Deluca finally, after months of staring dopey-eyed at Meredith, saw CeCe the matchmaker push her in the direction of Linc, while also just pushing Meredith to get with someone. He also sees Meredith agree to go on a date with Linc in response to CeCe's pushing. Realizing if he doesn't act now, Meredith is going to start dating someone else, DeLuca asks her out. This despite having dated Maggie, despite their age difference, despite Meredith being his boss.

Meredith smartly walks away before she does something stupid. And then the power goes out, and they get trapped in an elevator together.

Over in Elevator 2!

After stalling and stalling, Teddy finally told Owen, over surgery that she's carrying his kid. Then she runs out to deal with a new patient. Owen follows her genuinely freaked out by the news. Then Amelia follows him because she needs to tell Owen she's had a breakthrough and wants to adopt Betty full on, which mean she probably needs to move out temporarily. All three get on the same elevator with Teddy's new patient, as Amelia realizes to her horror something massive just happened between Teddy and Owen and she needs to know what it is.

This is the elevator no one wants to be stuck in. Pity the patient.

Meanwhile in Elevator 3!

The reason DeLuca got involved with the CeCe case is that a donor happened to die at the beginning of the episode from having a selfie stick to the brain. Taryn, who was assisting Amelia on it, realized she was a match for CeCe. Bailey decides she wants in on this surgery. She's taken a sabbatical from everything: Her marriage, her life. She needs to control something, so why not a significant transplant that will take hours.

So now we have the Chief of Surgery (because Alex never came into work this episode) stuck in the third elevator with a dead body and an intern, unable to control anything whatsoever.

All this, and Maggie flapping her gums telling Jackson his mother, Catherine, has a form of very aggressive cancer too. And there's Richard, off in an office, who doesn't even know yet, thinking his wife is having an affair with Koracick. When that explosion comes, maybe it's better off everyone else is safely stuck in elevators.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 returns to ABC in 2019.