'The Good Place' series finale will be 90 minutes long.

'The Good Place' Series Finale Will Be Extra-Long, So Get Forking Ready


Fans are going to have to say goodbye to The Good Place soon, but thankfully, the show is ready to give everyone a farewell to remember. The response to Season 4 being the afterlife comedy's final season was a mixed bag, as fans understandably wanted the show to continue but were also pleased to learn the it was ending on its own terms. Now, the series has revealed another silver lining to its bittersweet final moments: The Good Place series finale will be 90 minutes long, so fans can look forward to a super-sized farewell episode.

The news about the finale, which broke on Friday, Nov. 8, confirms that the final episode of The Good Place will be three times as long as a normal episode. However, the whole 90-minute block won't be solely devoted to wrapping up the story of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael, and Janet — the hour and a half will also include a post-show special hosted by Seth Meyers. According to The Wrap, NBC has not yet revealed how much of the 90-minute block will consist of the actual episode and how much will comprise the post-show special, but it's safe to assume the episode will still be much longer than the show's average 30-minute length.


While details about the post-show special are also mostly under wraps right now, the television event will feature the full cast as Seth Meyers interviews them about the show's sure-to-be-climactic ending.

This information about the finale came shortly after The Good Place aired its seventh episode in Season 4, which marked the exact halfway point in the 14-episode final season. The episode also marked a huge shift in how the rest of the season will operate. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched The Good Place Season 4, Episode 7, "Help Is Other People" yet. While the first half of Season 4 centered on Eleanor, Michael, Jason, Tahani, and Janet conducting their experiment to try to prove Chidi, Simone, Brent, and John could become better people in the afterlife, the seventh episode concluded with the official end of that experiment. And it sure did not seem like the results are going to be good.

The special 90-minute series finale of The Good Place will air on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020, at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.