The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Script Reveals A Major Detail About Drogon's Last Scene

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones landed an impossible-seeming 32 nominations for its final season. After failing to get any attention for Season 7, both Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke landed Lead Actor and Actress noms. An entire phalanx of their co-stars got supporting nods, including (deep breath) Gwendoline Christie, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Alfie Allen, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. But it's the Emmy nominations for writing that bring the wealth, since that means the scripts for the nominated episodes get posted online. The Game Of Thrones season finale script is especially juicy, with secrets to spill.

This might seem strange, as fans have seen the episode and know what happens. But reading scripts also means reading the stage directions and asides that the writers throw into it between the spoken lines of dialogue.

This stuff can be pretty generic, such as, "The Unsullied slam their spear butts onto the ground, again and again, eager for the fight." Some are unintentionally funny, like, "Jon is unable to see the humor in the situation." Others are supposed to be snarky, like when Arya asks, "What's west of Westeros?"

To which the script responds:

Jon and Sansa look at each other. They both failed geography.

But the big reveal comes from the pivotal scene where Daenerys dies at Jon's hand, and Drogon melts down the Iron Throne in response.

Jon's murder of Daenerys was already a shocking twist for fans who hadn't wanted to believe this would be the outcome of eight years of devotion to their Khaleesi. But for Drogon to melt down the Iron Throne, the symbol of power, the thing everyone has fought and died over, at least felt right. With Daenerys' death comes the end of the Targaryen line. The fight for the Iron Throne, created by Aegon I Targaryen, never sat upon by Aegon VI Targaryen, is over.

Except, it turns out Drogon wasn't aiming for the throne at all.

The script reads as follows:

We see the fire build up in [Drogon's] throat. Jon sees it as well. He prepares to die. But the blast is not for him. Drogon wants to burn the world, but he will not kill Jon. He breathes fire on the back wall, blasting down what remains of the great red blocks of stone. We look over Jon’s shoulder as the fire sweeps toward the throne, not the target of Drogon’s wrath, just a dumb bystander caught up in the conflagration. We see the throne in the flames, turning red, then white, then beginning to lose its form.

Like any animal roaring out pain and grief, Drogon had no real target. His melting down of the Iron Throne was an accident.

There will be a lot of fans who will hate this as much as they hated all the other twists in Game of Thrones' final season. Things like this are supposed to be imbued with significant meaning, Drogon killing the object that claimed his mother's life.

But it wasn't. Like much of Martin's story, it was just a senseless thing that happened, like Ned's beheading. One kid's fatuous behavior started a war. Now another kid's wasted rage ended it for good.