Samsung Revealed A New Camera On The Galaxy Note 9 That May Rival iPhone's Portrait Mode

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Raise a hand if you love a good selfie. Me, too! TBH, that's why I'm so obsessed with my iPhone. I mean, I was already a huge fan due to the image quality I'd get when snapping shots, but Apple really raised the bar when it unveiled its Portrait Mode feature back in 2017, and my photos have never been the same since. But now that Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 9, which has a bevy of cool new features, you might be wondering what the difference is between the Galaxy Note 9 Intelligent Camera and iPhone's Portrait Mode. If so, keep on reading, my friends.

The Galaxy Note 9 made its debut on Aug. 9 and immediately stunned basically everyone due to its exclusive features — mainly its 12-megapixel dual-lens camera. According to CNET, the device comes with artificial intelligence technology that notifies its user of issues that could potentially ruin the shot through pop-up speech bubbles, including shaky hands, blurriness, and more.

The iPhone's Portrait Mode, on the other hand, also has capabilities to help photos look like they were taken from a high-end camera, but the process is a bit different. According to Digital Trends, the feature runs the image through a blurring algorithm that attempts to get rid of any distractions in the background and draw attention to the subject itself — thus creating a smoother, clearer image. However, the feature is only available to people with the iPhone 7 Plus and later models, so if you're in need for an update, you might wanna think about which one best fits your life.

When iPhone's portrait mode was released, I'll be the first to admit that I was totally obsessed. Not only did it juxtapose me and my background perfectly, but it really made the picture Instagram ready. However, now that I know about all the new features in the Galaxy Note 9's camera has to offer, my eyes might be straying a bit. There's nothing worse than asking someone to take a photo of you and your best friend in front of a picture-perfect landscape, and it turns out that you've blinked or that the picture is blurry. Let's be real, not everyone can be a professional photographer, but now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 actually tells you when someone is blinking or that the photo is blurring, I have a feeling every photo is going to come out perfectly.

Plus, there's one more added perk to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that will make taking selfies so much easier. Everyone knows about the signature S Pen that comes with the smart phone, but the company has decided to take it up a notch. According to Samsung, the new S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9 is connected to Bluetooth, which means that it can act as a remote to help you and all your best pals snap that perfect picture hands-free.

No matter if you're team iPhone or team Galaxy Note 9, it's safe to say that your picture will come out gorgeous. Say cheese!