Here's Everything Fans Should Know About The Final Season Of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'


Get ready for big laughs and bright colors, because your favorite mole woman is back. The final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hitting Netflix on Jan. 25, and it'll be just as jam-packed with one-liners and wacky pop culture references as ever before. Here's everything you need to know to be ready for the final episodes.

The last time fans heard from Kimmy was in the first half of Season 4, which was released in 2018. Now this last batch of six episodes streaming at the end of January will make up the last half of Season 4, and the end of the series as a whole. Netflix actually didn't let the cast and crew know that Season 4 would be the series' last until they had already started filming it. According Ellie Kemper, who plays Kimmy, the team is grateful for the episodes they had, but also can't help but feel a little disappointed that the series is ending. Kemper told CNN:

In streaming age, that is actually like a fully lived life and feels like we had a lot of episodes given the world we live in now. But it still felt sad because I love these characters, I love the people I get to work with and so it's just a little bit of a loss.

While fans are also feeling the loss of Kimmy Schmidt, the good news is the final episodes are almost here to watch and enjoy. According to Entertainment Weekly, the final episodes will pick up where the last one left off: with Kimmy and her friends dealing with the sinister-looking spy who was watching them while announcing that it was time for "phase two"... whatever that means.

The new episodes will also deal with some important feminist issues, like Titus confronting a #MeToo moment in an audition and Kimmy working to teach boys how to be good men. Series creator Robert Carlock told EW that feminist themes have always been an important part of the series, so the writers are determined to tell socially conscious stories in these final episodes. Carlock said, "How women have been disadvantaged or treated has always been our topic. So we felt like we have to tell these stories."

While the six episodes dropping on Jan. 25 are the last ones in the series, it actually won't be the very last of Kimmy Schmidt. Currently, Carlock and his co-creator Tina Fey are talking to Netflix about making a Kimmy Schmidt movie to close out the story on a grander scale. Some stories that they'd been planning on including in the series could now make it into a full-blown feature instead. Carlock said, "We now have a shorter runway than we originally thought we would and don't want to overstuff it and rush it. And there are things that I think would be fun to hold off for kind of a big epic finale in feature form."

There's no official confirmation on the movie yet, but you can catch the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix starting Jan. 25.