This Brand New FILA Shoe Drop Will Make You Feel Like A '90s Cool Kid

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of FILA

In case you missed it: the '90s are back and bigger than ever. Thanks to the resurgence of throwback fashion adorning every shop window, old-school logos blasted on the tees of hipsters everywhere, and sneakers donning chunky soles paired with stylish and hippie-inspired spring dresses, you might feel like you've found yourself in a time warp. And in a way, you're not wrong. Clearly, ‘90s-era branding is cool with the kids these days, and FILA is at the forefront of the revival. Their new style, the FILA Creator is the best of all things '90s rolled into one and it's sparking some major nostalgia.

Make room amidst your Caboodles cases, your Polly Pocket merch, and your piles of scrunchies, because you're going to want to add these kicks to your collection. FILA just launched an updated silhouette on their classic look and it features all the design elements your pre-teen self would appreciate. And the best part is you don't have to convince your mom to buy them for you. (Or hey, you can. No one's judging you.)

Straight out of your childhood dreams, the brand new FILA Creator shoe design comes in a baby pink and lavender colorway that makes you feel like a sporty princess IRL. It's covered in a pale pink mesh underlay with athletic-inspired designs flowing throughout the design in light purple and white leather. The throwback shoe design also boasts a chunky two-toned white and black sole and padded ankle collar in lavender that isn't just comfortable AF, it offers an extra inch or two lift, if you're looking for a little added height. (Thanks, FILA!) Adding to the nostalgic feel, the tongue and side-back panels both feature a round rubber FILA logo — the same type that adorned every shoe you owned in middle school.

Courtesy of FILA

I was always a girly girl — my room was actually painted in this exact color story — so the pink and purple colorway has me jumping for joy right now. But if you weren't the type of person who splattered princess stickers on everything in the '90s like I did, you might be looking for a colorway that feels more Sporty than Baby Spice. FILA also released a second, super classic colorway that looks straight out of your '90s wardrobe.

The shoe is designed with a white mesh underlay, navy and white leather accents woven throughout, a white and navy two-toned sole, and tiny touches of red on the FILA logo attached to the tongue of the shoe.

Courtesy of FILA

Accompanying the release of these FILA Creators, the brand also dropped an array of throwback track jackets, hoodies, and unitards in pastel and classic colorways, perfect to wear all summer long. I don’t see *NSYNC going on tour any time soon or cassette tapes making a huge comeback, but I can confidently predict these shoes will sell out as quickly as you learned the "Macarena."

Remember that one?

You can snag a pair for $80 on FILA's website. If that feels steep, trust that the '90s nostalgia you'll get from wearing this shoe is priceless. Go ahead, try to tell me I'm wrong.