The 'Double Shot At Love With Pauly D & Vinny' Reunion Explains So Much


The Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny finale may have aired, but the intense drama has not cooled down at all. In fact, the divisive finale caused even more drama than the rest of the series, and now the women of the house are revealing what really went down on the dating show. The Double Shot at Love with Pauly D and Vinny reunion revealed the truth about Pauly D's controversial decision and whether Vinny and Alysse managed to survive the months since the series was filmed.

In its unexpected season finale, Double Shot at Love left everyone with two major lingering questions: Why did Pauly D decide to choose nobody, and would Vinny and Alysse's connection survive outside of the show? The reunion show definitely gave fans the answers. First up, Nikki got to confront Pauly for opting to leave the series on his own rather than pick her as his winner, which everyone was assuming he would do. Having built what was undeniably the strongest relationship with Pauly, Nikki accused the guido of leading her on only to leave her broken-hearted in the end. Pauly responded by claiming he was in the same boat she was, and only decided to cut her in the split-second after he let Derynn go in the finale.

And Pauly and Nikki's relationship is clearly not in a good place at all since that finale. Pauly admitted to blocking Nikki on social media, saying that it was "too much" to see her posting about him, but Nikki fired back that he blocked her for refusing to meet him in Vegas. It definitely does not look like there is any hope for Pauly and Nikki to rekindle their romance from the show in the future.

And unfortunately, it also appears as though Vinny's shot at love also ended in a misfire. He admitted that having to hide his relationship with Alysse for the past several months has been hard, but said he was excited to be publicly together moving forward now that the finale has aired. But, Alysse responded by saying she is no longer interested in a relationship with Vinny after he stopped responding to her texts.


Although Vinny tried to win Alysse back, saying that he was not sure if he could text her too much while they were keeping their relationship hidden, Alysse fired back that it felt like he was sending a clear message and that she was moving on from him.

The situation between Vinny and Alysse got even more heated on Twitter after the finale, as Alysse called BS on a tweet in which Vinny claimed to have tried to keep their relationship alive through texting after the finale.

Other contestants, including frontrunner Maria, accused Vinny of sliding into their DMs in the time between the finale and the reunion. Alysse also fired off a tweet saying that Maria told her about Vinny hitting her up.

Clearly, the Double Shot at Love drama is still piping hot, even after the show has finished airing.