Savannah in The Circle Season 2.

'The Circle' Season 2 Cast's Instagrams Show Off Their IRL Social Media Skills

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Open up your DMs: The Circle Season 2 is here. With brand-new contestants, the newest installment of Netflix's hit social media-based reality show is serving up even more hilarious challenges and digital drama. In the meantime, why not get to know the contestants even better? Behold, The Circle Season 2 cast's Instagrams...

Based on the British reality series of the same name, The Circle became a smash-hit for Netflix when its first season premiered in January 2020. The reality show/"social experiment" placed 14 contestants in separate apartments, where they vied to be the most popular player through text-based communication only. They took part in challenges, formed alliances, and (in the case of some contestants) pulled off some seriously convincing catfishing. Honestly, it's perfect pandemic TV.

Over the course of the season, players rank one another each week. Those with the highest number of votes become "influencers" who can choose which of the lowest vote-getters get eliminated and potentially win the final $100,000 cash prize. While being a social media pro IRL can be helpful in this game, it's not a requirement (for instance, Season 1 fan-favorite Shubham Goel wasn't into posting online at all).

Naturally, there's plenty of online drama to go around, especially since new players often join the game unexpectedly. As you watch, you can get to know members of The Circle Season 2's cast by checking their Instas for all the juicy details.


Bryant is certainly the most zen of all the Circle contestants. The 27-year-old wellness guru is all about good vibes; he even founded a meditation practice called Modern Nirvana.


Chloe is no stranger to Netflix — she was a contestant on the 2020 reality dating show Too Hot To Handle and has since racked up over a million Instagram followers. Now, the 22-year-old Essex native is back and putting her influencer skills to the test.


Courtney is a Los Angeles content creator and the host of the pop culture podcast "Overheard in the Pantry." The 28-year-old also hosts the YouTube live show "Green Chair Chats," on which he has unfiltered discussions about life and the latest pop culture drama.


As a current student at the University of Chicago, 20-year-old Jack is one of the youngest contestants this season, and is catfishing as his college friend: A sorority woman named Emily. He doesn't post a ton on Instagram, but his feed features snapshots of him traveling and chilling out with friends and family.


Lee is a 58-year-old author who writes LGBTQ+ romance novels under the pseudonym Kris Cook and also works as a ghost writer. These skills make him perfect catfish material, and he's currently pretending to be his 20-year-old friend River. Lee currently has under 200 Instagram followers, but is using his writing abilities to get ahead in the Circle competition.


Deleesa is a 32-year-old YouTube creator with several vlog channels, covering everything from beauty to family. She and her husband Trevor are def close, since she's catfishing as him in The Circle. Deleesa is also a "momtrepeneur" to her 18-month-old daughter Toni, and is currently expecting Baby No. 2!


Savannah is a 25-year-old data researcher from Los Angeles. She's also a fashion and beauty influencer, and has over 200,000 Insta followers.


Terilisha is a 34-year-old substitute teacher and singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. In 2019, she released an EP called The Blue Heart.


Lisa is a 42-year-old who hails from Los Angeles. She's NSYNC superstar Lance Bass' longtime personal assistant, and is using her expertise to play as him on The Circle.

New episodes of The Circle arrive Wednesdays on Netflix.

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