Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, & More Are Bringing Back This "Ugly" Retro Jewelry Trend

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I've been growing my ring collection as of late, and in my pursuit of a blingy hand, I've noticed one trend popping up on everyone else's hands. The dainty jewelry trend of 2020 is no longer the move. Instead, chunky, acrylic rings are the new jewelry trend to get into in 2021. They're graphic, vibrant, and a sweet throwback to classic '90s style and accessories. Just picturing them reminds me of watching my mom get ready for a cocktail party. Luckily, as 2021 continues, the accessory has made a swift entrance into everyday wear.

All normal reasons to get dressed up have pretty much wholly dissipated since the start of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so naturally, this has resulted in people seeking any excuse to have a little fun with fashion beyond a fresh pair of sweats. The sudden normalization of getting dressed up for something as small as a trip to the grocery store has allowed the chunky, acrylic ring to make its way back into the mainstream. If you have any doubts on trying this new trend, know that distinguished cool girls Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Emma Chamberlain have all posted Instagrams showing off their acrylic rings. The new style is definitely egirl approved.

Chunky, acrylic rings come in tons of different styles made from materials like plastic, resin, lucite, or metal. One of my favorite styles is the vintage, painted chunky rings, like those from DivineWhimsyShop ($10, Etsy). They look like the kind of rings that paired perfectly with big hair and shoulder pads. If that's not your style, of course, there are also plenty of sparky, modern, and colorful rings that will add a "wow" factor to any outfit.

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Still have hesitations? I don't blame you. Ever since I started wearing rings, I've historically avoided acrylic rings because they reminded me so much of my mom's kitschy '90s and early 2000s fashion. However, stacked, thin rings of silver can get boring, especially when compared with the graphic colors and groovy patterns of an acrylic ring. There's nothing wrong with trying something new, and I have a strong feeling that once you get your first acrylic ring, you won't want to go back. Check out some of the funky, chunky acrylic rings below.

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