The Cheapest Places To Travel In 2018 Will Make You Book A Ticket ASAP

Novelist Simon Raven once said, "Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better." Though undoubtedly wise, sometimes a trip's price tag puts a stop to millennials' wanderlust. However, did quite a bit of research and discovered the top 10 cheapest places to travel in 2018, so start taking notes.

If you're anxious to cross booking a trip off your list of 2018 resolutions, you'll be pleased to know that the site has uncovered national and international destinations that are within reach. Scheduling a flight and making hotel arrangements is definitely a process — so eyeball this list, think about what works for you, and start planning the vacation you've been dreaming about.'s list includes:

  • Montenegro, Croatia
  • Spain
  • San Francisco, California
  • Thailand
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • India
  • Namibia, Africa
  • Washington, D.C.
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua

There are a few factors that were taken into consideration when compiling this top-10 list. Jeff Klee, the CEO of reveals to Elite Daily that cheap airfare from major airports, excursion costs, budgets accommodations, and "overall destination caché" were considered when uncovering the locations. Regardless of where you're planning on going or what you'd like to do, Klee assures you that you have to do your homework — from figuring out luggage information to looking up appropriate hotel accommodations.

Before you get started, he offers some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck. "Flying mid-week and in the off-season will offer best value for money overall," he tells Elite Daily. "To keep costs down, the best advice is always to avoid high season, wherever you travel. For example, shoulder season in Europe (March to April and September to October) will often give you deep discounts on flights and accommodation, and can be a better time to have a relaxing vacation. You should also keep in mind local festivals and holidays that might impact overall cost, limits on business hours, and numbers of tourists you can expect to encounter."

Now that your curiosity has piqued, it's time to break down each destination according to's findings — from prices to must-hit excursions. According to Klee, "These airfare prices are for dates over the next eight months, taking the lowest, regularly appearing fare [into consideration]. These are all fares that are searchable and bookable over a variety of dates."

Let's dive right in.

According to an email provided by, Flights to Montenegro start at $760 from LAX and for $550 from JFK. With relaxing hot springs and mud spas — plus reasonable nightly accommodations between the $40-$70 range — who could say no?

"Flight prices for early 2018 are trending cheaper than they were last year into Madrid and Barcelona," Klee says. Flights to Madrid from LAX start at about $450 and roughly $500 from JFK. For a dose of amazing cuisine, unique architecture, and a rich history, this is definitely a trip worth booking. The average range for rooms in three and four-star hotels is $70, according to, so it can definitely be doable if you budget accordingly.

Though one night at a four-star San Francisco hotel can cost roughly $270, the fact that most of the city's attractions are free — such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, and Chinatown — makes up for costly hotel fees. Flights from JFK start at around $240.

If you're looking to satisfy your curiosity after The Hangover and need to go to Bangkok at least once in your life, flights to Thailand from LAX start at just under $500 and roughly $640 from JFK. No, these accommodations do not include Bradley Cooper as your travel buddy, unfortunately.

Looking for a night in the casino? If so, Sin City (again, another favorite from The Hangover) is definitely worth a peek. It's a bit of a whirlwind, but if you're OK with shelling out around $120 a night for a room on the Strip, you can take advantage of this highly unique place (and of course, see Ms. Britney Spears while you're there, because why not?). Flights from LAX start at $79 and JFK from $236. considers India "one of the cheapest international vacations," complete with beautiful beaches, gorgeous ancient religious locations, and amazing food. Get ready to shell out at least $600 to get there, though. Flights to Delhi from LAX start at $660 and $640 from JFK, and flights to Goa from LAX start at $950 and $900 from JFK, according to the site's findings.

Though Namibia is not terribly affected by high tourism numbers, believes this could be a good go-to spot in Africa because of its safety factor. Flights to Windhoek from LAX start at $950 an $1,000 from JFK, and nightly hotel accommodations begin at $50.

Ah, Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. If you cannot get enough of today's politics, flights to Washington D.C. from LAX start at just under $200 and from $127 at JFK. If you need a break from politics, might I suggest the zoo?

Getting away from U.S. politics entirely, puts New Zealand in its ninth spot. "Current exchange rates make [it] very attractive for the U.S. traveler, offering better value than in past years," Klee says. Flights to Auckland from LAX start at $940 and $1,200 from JFK. Be prepared that you'll spend at least $100 on nightly hotel accommodations.

Last but not least: Nicaragua. Flying to Managua from LAX starts at $365 and $415 from JFK. Looking to find the next "it" spot? says it's the new "up-and-coming to 'hot' vacation spot." You can find accommodations around $50 per night.

As and Simon Raven prove, the world is indeed wide and there's a lot to explore. Happy planning and safe trip, readers.

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