These Wine Aerators Will Make A $10 Bottle Taste Way More Expensive

If you're on the hunt for a wine aerator, you know that these little gadgets can seriously improve the quality of your wine. The best wine aerators "open up" a wine by introducing oxygen, a process that can improve the wine's overall characteristics. Think softer tannins, more flavor, and an enhanced aromatic profile. Young wines, in particular, can benefit from aeration. But without a sommelier-level knowledge of wine, it can be hard to determine what aerator is best for you.

The good news is that there are great aerators available at every price point, so it's really about determining what works for your budget. In terms of features, you'll want an aerator that maximizes a wine's contact with air, so models with "multi-step aeration" are a smart choice. You'll also want to look for ones that prevent sediment from getting into the glass, because no matter how smooth a wine tastes, grit in the glass can ruin the experience.

There are different mechanisms and materials to choose from too. Electric aerators attach to the bottle and let you add oxygen with a push of a button. They basically turn your bottle into a tap, so it's mega-convenient for you and your guests, but you'll be paying extra for it. Hand-held aerators tend to be more affordable and they give you the option to stand and pour. You can also choose between aerators made from stainless steel or acrylic, the former being more durable but also more expensive.

No matter what your budget or preference, you're sure to find an aerator below that will transform your wine-drinking experience. All of the aerators here are highly rated on Amazon and have loads of positive customer reviews.

The Best Wine Aerator Overall: An Elegant 1-Touch Electric Option

If you're a major oenophile, you can't go wrong with this convenient, high-quality, electric aerator. It instantly aerates wine as it's being dispensed by infusing it with air under pressure. So, with the simple press of a button, you get perfectly aerated wine from a sleek, stainless steel spout. Since the tool inserts seamlessly into the bottle, there's no lifting, aiming, or spilling, and the smart design prevents sediment from getting into your glass. It's a breeze to clean too. With a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, and more than 580 customer reviews, this is a smart investment for any wine lover.

What fans are saying: "I have a few aerators from the plastic one that connects to the bottle to a glass decanter. I have to admit this is far and away the best aerator I've used. You'd be surprised how nice it is not lifting the bottle up and just pressing a button. Worth every penny in my opinion."

An Electric Aerator Under $50 That Also Preserves Wine

For hosting parties, this one-button electric aerator — recommended by Wine Enthusiast — can't be beat. The dual infusion and suction system fully aerates wine, promising six times more surface oxidation, all while leaving unwanted sediment behind. It also functions as an air-tight stopper that preserves wine for up to four days. So, if you have an open bottle at the end of the night, you can go to bed easy knowing that it's not going to waste.

What fans are saying: "As a wine lover, this Aerator does the job! Quick and easy to assemble. No need to wait while your wine aerates in a decanter. I have taken it on outdoor events and my fiancé used it for an all girls wine and cheese night. Everyone says they love it. Packaging looks great too so I am planning on buying one for my friends housewarming party."

A Great Stainless Steel Hand-Held Aerator With A Multi-Stream Aeration

This elegant hand-held aerator was rated that "greatest aerator of all time," by Drink Me Magazine, primarily for its ability to pour without dripping. It also has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Featuring stainless steel pouring tubes and a patented multi-stream aeration system, it not only works great but looks artful as you pour. If you're looking to impress your guests, this small, made-by-hand aerator certainly has a "wow factor." It's also easy to take on the go, since it comes with a small, protective storage case. Cleaning is easy too — just rinse under the tap.

What fans are saying: "Love this aerator - gave two as gifts. Sexy pour but more importantly it really seems to make a cheap bottle of red taste better."

An Affordable Acrylic Aerator With Multi-Stage Aeration

With a 4.7-star Amazon rating and more than 1,300 reviews, the acrylic Zazzol aerator is a fantastic under-$25, hand-held option. It features a multi-stage aeration system: first wine is dispersed over a cone, then separated through 32 holes, and finally injected with air as it leaves the tube and into your glass. You'll hear funny, gurgling sounds, but that's the "magic" happening.

The tool comes in an elegant box and includes a convenient stand, so there are no drips on your countertop or table. It's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up too.

What fans are saying: "Love this product. Changes the taste of the wine to a wonderful smooth finish. Even the less expensive bottles end up tasting better. ... The company is also top-notch. They e-mailed me before I received the product informing me of what I should look for and do before use. Their packaging was out of sight! All in all, a great purchase from a very customer-friendly company."

The Best Cheap Aerator With Tons Of Positive Reviews

For those looking for a no-frills but effective wine aerator, this budget-friendly pourer from Vintorio is the way to go. With a 4.3 Amazon rating, and more than 2,900 customer reviews, this affordable gadget has a bit of a cult following.

Its tapered design fits bottles of all sizes and the acrylic pour spout is ergonomically slanted for drip-less pouring. The optimal amount of oxygen is injected into the wine using the Bernoulli Effect — you can see a lot of good bubbles as the wine leaves the clear spout and enters the glass. The best part though is that it comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

What fans are saying: "As somebody who recently "got into" wine, I was a big skeptic about this product. It seemed gimmicky but the reviews were glowing. Decided to give it a try. It's simple, easy to take on and off, easy to clean and DEFINITELY makes a difference."

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