The Best Weekends To Travel In 2019 Have Been Revealed, So Book Your Tickets ASAP

Traveling is at the top of many people's bucket list, but sometimes, it may seem unattainable. Hotels and flights can really add up, and it can be tricky to block out enough time in your schedule to get the most out of a trip. Enter the newest trend in traveling, the "micro-trip." A micro-trip can be anything from a day trip to maybe a long weekend — it's just enough time for you to feel like you're taking a break, but not enough time for you to have to call out of work for a few days. And thanks to Orbitz, the best weekends to travel in 2019 have been revealed, so you can start planning your next micro-trip ASAP.

Using hotel and flight booking data from the last two years, Orbitz has predicted what they believe will be the cheapest weekends to travel to key destinations all over the country this year. They aimed to highlight destinations that could be explored within a three-day weekend, so as not to use up all of your paid time off (PTO), but still give you the option to travel more frequently than you did last year.

If you're thinking about hopping on the micro-trip train this year, you'll definitely want to know which weekends are going to be the cheapest.

Why did Orbitz gather this data, and how did they do it?

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Via Orbitz' blog post, Orbitz Brand Director Carey Malloy says, "With just 10 days [of PTO], travelers can explore so many great destinations on our list, including hot spots like Austin and Charleston and up-and-coming cities such as Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Providence." Orbitz compiled this list so that people could take multiple micro-trips throughout the year without using up their PTO, and still get to see some pretty incredible destinations IRL.

The booking site looked at booking data from 2017 and 2018 to predict the cheapest weekend trips of 2019. They used averages of flight prices, hotel rates, and package prices (hotels and flights together) to determine the cheapest weekends of 2019, and made sure to look at three-day weekends (Saturday and Sunday, plus Friday or Monday) so you can get the most out of your trip. After figuring out the cheapest travel weekends, they then looked at the cheapest destinations using similar data.

Which weekends and destinations made the list?

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The biggest takeaway from this list is that summer is definitely the high season for every destination throughout the U.S. Cheap air travel ends around April and starts up again in October.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a ton of hotspot destinations you can visit without breaking the bank. According to this data via Orbitz, a trip to Charleston, South Carolina in October is definitely feasible (and just in time for Halloween). You can also visit some cities you might not have explored before, like Minneapolis and North Myrtle Beach.

There are also a few destinations you can travel to instead of their pricier counterparts. For example, you can fly to Oakland in November, and you'll still be close enough to see San Francisco if you want. And if you decide to head to Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach to embrace that surf and sand, you'll be close enough to Miami for a day trip.

Why should you hop on the micro-trip trend?

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If you're making it a goal to travel more in 2019, micro-trips are definitely the way to do it. You can take a ton of little trips throughout the year and explore destinations you might not have otherwise gone to — all without dropping too much cash or taking too much time off of work. You can still get some seriously dreamy travel photos for the 'Gram, and you don't even have to go too far to get them.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your boo, your bestie, or your fam, and head out on a sweet getaway ASAP. You definitely won't regret it.