These Purse Organizers Will Make Your Bags Ridiculously Functional

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If you've ever carried a big purse or tote bag, chances are you've spent a lot of time rummaging around in your bag, muttering, "I'm sure it's here somewhere!" Don't worry, it's not your fault — all that unstructured space makes organization tough. That's why the best purse organizers available have lots of pockets and pouches to give structure to your bag and keep your daily essentials close at hand.

When choosing a purse organizer, you'll want to take a careful look at the dimensions to ensure it fits inside the intended bag. The fit should be snug enough that the organizer can't tip over and spill all your items into the bottom of the bag. You'll also want to note the weight of the organizer — a heavier organizer means your bag will be heavy, too.

Depending on your items, you might have different preferences for the types of materials that comprise your organizer. A thick felt might offer some protection to more fragile items, while fabrics like nylon, polyester, or cotton might be easier to spot clean or throw in the washing machine. The type and number of pockets you require is also something to think about. Some organizers have zip pockets to make your items more secure. You might want pockets big enough to hold a tablet, or small and thin enough for a pen.

Finally, there are a few extra features that might matter to you. It's possible to nab an organizer with RFID-blocking technology to protect your personal information, or built-in LED lights so that you can see inside the darkest depths of your purse. At the end of the day, though, most purse organizers are just a simple collection of handy pockets — an easy solution to an incredibly annoying problem.

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The Best Purse Organizer Overall

This Ztujo purse organizer is a game-changer. It has 13 pockets in total, including a longer external pocket that could fit a notebook or e-reader, a variety of internal pockets, and a removable center pocket. Most of the pockets are open, but the removable pocket is zippered, making it convenient for use as a wallet. There’s also a removable key chain that lets you clip your keys to the organizer.

The purse organizer is available in six different sizes, which means you’re likely to find something that fits your bag perfectly. 12 color options give you some control over the aesthetics. If you’re not happy with your Ztujo, the organizer comes with a one year warranty.

Sizes: Mini, Medium, Slender Medium, Large, Slender Large, Extra Large

Reviewers say: "I'm one of those people who carries her life (and the life of her two goldendoodles) in her bag. It doesn't matter what the style of the moment is - my handbags are HUGE. The problem is time wasted digging around in what seems like a great black hole to find my reading glasses, my phone, my keys, dog biscuits, eye drops, a pen... I think you get the picture. This insert has been nothing short of a lifesaver. It not only keeps my handbag organized, but it also holds it shape. In the past, I've purchases organizers that collapse in on themselves and are ultimately useless. I just can say enough good things about this item. Can you tell I LOVEEEEE IT!"

The Best Budget Purse Organizer

Periea’s handbag insert should solve your organizational woes for about $10 a pop. It’s a solid deal considering that the organizer comes with 13 different compartments! External mesh pockets are an easy place to stick items you want to be able to easily see and grab. Two internal zip pockets offer a safer location to discreetly stow more valuable belongings. Handles at the top of the organizer make it easy to lift in and out of your bag. Snaps on the side give you the option to slim or expand the organizer so that you can adjust its size based on the bag you’re using or its contents.

The Periea is made from a polyester and nylon material and lined with cotton — and it’s machine washable if it ever gets dirty. Periea claims there are 27 different color options, but at the moment, there are only 24 available on Amazon, including a few fun patterns, which is still a considerable amount.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Reviewers say: "Totally in love with this purse organizer! I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton neverfull GM and there isn't really much in the way of pockets or organization inside. I also didn't want the bottom of my expensive bag to get dirty with the random stuff that seems to find the bottom of your purse. This fits in perfectly and i love how many pockets and zippers. It has a place for everything. I also love that the organizer has these little handles so you can easily pull it out and put it in another purse. I love switching purses but hate having to take everything out and then put it back in or forgetting things. This organizer has made it SUPER easy. I purchased the large size but plan on purchasing the small as well for my smaller handbags. I am a huge fan of this organizer and I highly recommend it!"

The Best Backpack Organizer

If your backpack purse (or your backpack) is an unstructured mess, you’ll be happy to know that Ztujo makes organizers for backpacks, too. This organizer is made of a soft, sturdy felt and comes with either a rounded or rectangular top to accommodate different backpack shapes. There are a variety of different pockets, including four external pockets (one on the back) and a zip compartment. Both shapes of organizer have a handle at the top, making it easy to pull the organizer out of your bag. The round-top version comes in four different colors, while the rectangular-top organizer comes in only two. Both versions, however, come with Ztujo's one year warranty.

Sizes: Small, Large

Reviewers say: "This organizer is PERFECT! The size is great, it has a lot of pockets and sections to hold all of your items and it’s well made. I didn’t know how useful a backpack organizer could be until I ordered this. Do yourself a favor and get one. You won’t be disappointed!"

The Best Purse Organizer For Travel

Whether you’re traveling with a passport or walking around with a purse full of credit cards, identity theft is a real concern. Thieves with scanners can nab your personal data from several feet away, and an ordinary purse or wallet doesn’t offer much protection. If you’re the worrying type, Travelon’s RFID blocking purse organizer can put your mind at ease. Its four elasticized internal pockets, large internal compartment, three external pockets, and external zip pocket provide plenty of organized storage for all your stuff, while its RFID-blocking technology blocks would-be identity thieves from stealing your information. Top handles make it easy to move the organizer between bags, and an expandable design allows the organizer to fit a variety of different purses.

Sizes: One size available

Reviewers say: "This bag is practical and handy. Though the size is a bit small for a tote, it can also be used for a handbag. Now that the credit cards are moving to have "chips" and the passports all have "chips", this is a great way to protect oneself from identity theft. [...] All those little pockets on the side helps organize small items. When I travel, I put on passport ini the zipper compartment and I don't even have to bring my RFID blocking passport cover, thereby saving myself some weight. Great products. I bought 11 of these things and gave them to all my friends and cousins."

The Best Light-Up Purse Organizer

With 12 pockets, the LittBag purse organizer has lots of places to put stuff — but its real appeal is the two LED lights located on the interior. A raised power button turns the lights on, helping you see the inside of your purse so that it’s easier to find what you need. Unlike many other organizers, the LittBag zips shut at the top for added security, and though its intended as a bag insert, you can also buy a strap (sold separately on PurseN’s website) to turn it into a small purse. After all, with ten color options, it's hard not to want to show the bag off. Oprah Winfrey herself gave the LittBag a nod of approval in 2018, selecting it for her Favorite Things gift guide.

Sizes: One size available

Oprah says: “So easy to shift from a workday satchel to a weekend purse."

Reviewers say: "Yup, it’s expensive but worth it. I have purchased other, cheaper purse inserts but this one is everything I always wanted the others to be. The light is perfect and illuminates the interior just right to find what you need. Plenty of pockets to separate everything & even some that zip & “hide” by blending into the interior fabric. Perfect for stashing that extra cash for a 'just in case' moment."