This Was The Most Ordered Item On Amazon In 2017 & It's So Relatable

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There's nothing millennials appreciate quite as much as comfort and convenience, which Amazon knows all too well. After all, what's better than snagging that book or shirt you've been eyeing by simply clicking a button? Fortunately for online shoppers everywhere (aka people like myself who prefer to make their purchases on the couch with a glass of wine) the Best of Amazon Prime 2017 has been released, and the info just might inspire an online shopping spree or two (a perfect way to welcome the new year, if you ask me).

Although 2017 had its ups and downs, Amazon Prime really kicked things into high gear. "More than 5 billion items worldwide shipped with Prime and members used digital benefits like Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading more than ever before,” Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime said in a statement. “Our Best of Prime feature not only demonstrates what was trending this year, it also gives us insight into what members love, providing additional inspiration as we continue to innovate, invest, and make Prime even better in 2018.”

Without doubt, I've certainly contributed a good 1 or 2 billion of those 5 billion orders, and if I'm being honest, I regret nothing. Favorites from the service include the Amazon Fire TV Stick (a necessity for nightly Netflix and Hulu binges), Echo Dot (because Alexa is everyone's go-to chick), and basic cables, all of which were the most-purchased items from the site. I've never been so certain that someone hacked into my account and reviewed my orders. How relatable is this tech list?


Get ready to be even more spooked when you see the rest of the top buys. Chances are, you'll think these findings are personally catered to your taste. According to an email sent to Elite Daily from Amazon, favorite musicians from 2017 included Kesha, Halsey, and Shawn Mendes. Go-to reads seemed to tout a need for sci-fi and dystopian stories. The list most-borrowed books includes The Handmaid's Tale (no surprise there) and 1984. Wellness was a hit when it came to magazines, as Real Simple and Clean Eating were the most-read publications. Celebrity gossip was a must, as US Weekly and InTouch also made the list. I guarantee you, too, have all of these items lying around somewhere in your apartment (don't try to act all innocent).

These details are also pretty inspiring, if you ask me. Amazon rounded up its best sellers on Prime Day by country (but excluded its own items) and found that the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker was the hot item for customers in the U.S. I struggle a great deal in the kitchen (try as I might), so when I discovered this was such a popular gadget, I decided to put one in my virtual cart. Not to mention, this best-of list gave me a great idea for my TV movie night at home. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan was named one of the most anticipated original Prime series based on trailer views, and since I love a good mystery (read: main actor John Krasinski) this is definitely, 100 percent going on my list.

Feeling inspired yet? The list certainly features quite a bit of fun items, and chances are, these are some of your favorites, too. You have to treat yourself in the new year, so get right to it and check out all of the go-to Prime orders. Happy shopping, my friends. Don't forget to let me know what you think of Jack Ryan.

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