An Eyelash Glue That Gives You 2 Months Of Wear — Plus 4 Other Long-Lasting Formulas
by Cliché Wynter

Whether you’re a professional technician or just looking for a lash glue that will last beyond a night out on the town, the best eyelash glues that last for weeks will give you maximum wear time with minimal effort, but there are a few factors to keep in mind when picking one.

  • How long the glue lasts: If you’re looking to get the absolute maximum wear time for your lashes — up to two months — you’ll be dealing with a stronger formula that requires professional application. These formulas need to be applied by a pro, since an imprecise application can result in eye irritation. But if you’re just looking for a week or two of wear, you can get a more gentle formula.
  • How quickly it dries: A gentler beginner's glue will give you a few extra seconds of wiggle room before it sets, but a longer lasting formula tends to have a shorter setting time. If you're a pro technician, you can opt for a shorter setting time to streamline the process.
  • Color: Darker glues give the appearance of fuller lashes while clear glues will give you the flexibility to apply fun and colorful falsies without the distracting residue.

Since eyes can be very sensitive, I've made sure to feature products that are low-fume as well as latex- and formaldehyde-free. For newbies, I suggest you first test out a glue that lasts for a day first. And as always, spot test on a patch of skin before applying to eyelids.

It’s important to note that most of these eyelash glues are professional-grade and should be reserved for use by your tech. That being said, I've included a formula you can self-apply at home.

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The Best Long Lasting Eyelash Glue For Non-Professionals

This eyelash glue has one very important thing going for it: You can apply it yourself. It's the gentlest formula on this list and dries in three to five seconds, allowing beginners to get the application just right, while minimizing the risk of burning and irritation. The black-colored glue only lasts for about three weeks, but you'll still be saving tons of time on applying new lashes every morning with one-day glue. This gentle formula is also fume-free, and reviewers have noted that it does not irritate their eyes.

What fans say: “This product works. No fumes either. It adheres to the lashes quickly. Even though it comes out like most black glues it somehow gets tacky & sticks when you put it to the lash and hold steady for about 4 secs. I was shocked. This is the best by far."

A Formula That Lasts For Up To 2 Months

Attention professional eyelash technicians: This eyelash extension glue gets consistently high ratings from reviewers and is a great option if you’re looking for something that lasts for up to two months. The longest-lasting formula on this list, the glue dries in one to two seconds, which can be a pro or con, depending on how much time you'd like for adjustments. The formula is low-fume and the dark hue gives the lash line the appearance of extra fullness.

What fans say: “The glue is great. My clients love it because the fumes aren’t too strong and don’t bother their eyes as some of the previous glues I have used. Retention is great and it’s very easy to use. Will be ordering again!"

The Best For Sensitive Eyes

My pick for best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes is this formula from Stacy Lash that reviewers swear is much more gentle on clients that are prone to redness and irritation. It's stronger than the two-week formula that you can apply yourself, but has less potential for irritation than the above formula that lasts for two months. The black glue dries in five to six seconds, which allows for time to adjust lashes, and will last for four to five weeks after application.

What fans say: “I love this adhesive. I have a client with super sensitive eyes. She didn't think she would be able to get lash extensions. Her eyes burn from mascara, but not with this adhesive. She never has any problems and now she can have full lashes without her eyes being irritated. Love this!"

The Best Clear Bonding Glue

Unlike the other options on the list, this eyelash extension glue dries clear, allowing you to have a bit more fun with colored and sparkling lashes. The transparent glue is also more forgiving than the dark-hue alternatives, but it does have a moderate scent, which may be less than ideal for those with sensitive eyes and noses. It dries within a second or two, which again, can be a plus or minus, and lasts for a total of six weeks giving you good bang for your buck.

What fans say: “The best glue ever! Has great consistency and doesn’t turn white on the lashes. It’s truly clear and the retention is phenomenal.”

Also Nice To Have: An Eyelash Primer

This false eyelash primer lays a nice foundation for lash extensions by removing excess oils and proteins, so you can get a better grip. It also helps to increase the overall health and strength of lashes with the help of copper peptides. The primer is said by reviewers to cause little to no irritation, but it's still necessary to keep your eyes firmly shut during application — for that reason, it's recommended for professional use only.

What fans say: “Love this primer I’ve tried more expensive ones and this is still my favorite.”

Another Product To Consider: An Eyelash Extensions Remover

You'll be able to safely take off your extensions in just a few minutes with this gel remover. It's very gentle and only requires a little bit of product to loosen the lashes. The gel is perfect for removing an at-home application, but also saves you an additional trip to the salon if you're looking to remove professionally applied lashes.

What fans say: "Took my lashes off very quickly. I applied the product just enough so the lashes were wet where the adhesive was and then used a Q-tip to gently wipe the lashes away. Worked like a charm. Only had to leave the gel on for about 30 seconds, if that."