We Broke Down The Top 5 Moments From Beyoncé's 'Homecoming,' You're Welcome

by Ani Bundel

It wasn't even 10 days ago that Netflix dropped a surprise trailer for Beyoncé's Homecoming. Billed as a Netflix documentary taking fans behind the scenes of the making of the artist's historical Coachella performance last year, fans tuned in at 3 a.m. ET when it arrived only to discover she'd done it again. Like Lemonade (also billed as a documentary) this was no pure docu-special, but a concert film that coincided with the release of a live album as well. These moments from Beyoncé’s Homecoming are proof the Netflix release is a can't miss.

Of course, it was an album drop. And of course, it was more of a concert film than a documentary. The BeyHive at this point is used to Queen Bey promising a look behind the curtain that shrouds her private life, only to hand everyone brand new music instead. They don't mind. The concert footage is incredible, and the entire film is downright thrilling.

But there are some clips of the making of the concert, where Bey does twitch the curtain back for a few seconds here and there, allowing the audience to get an idea of how hard she worked to make her incredible performance come off. These are the best moments, hands down.

She Didn't Want To Put On "A Flower Crown"

When Beyoncé was asked to perform at Coachella, she said she "didn't want to put on a flower crown," referring to the hippie-dippy peace and love aspect of the alternative music festival. For her, this was a chance to bring black culture to Coachella to a crowd that otherwise might never experience it.

Beyoncé's Return To Dancing After Maternity Leave

Beyoncé has previously opened up about her struggles with her second pregnancy. But it's one thing to say "I was 218 pounds when I gave birth." It's quite another to see footage of an out of shape Bey in a giant, oversized shirt hesitantly and slightly half-heartedly testing out dance moves on her first day back after her maternity leave.

Beyoncé's Personal Work Ethic

Contrast that with Bey's final look on stage and the amount of work she put in suddenly is driven home. She even went vegan. (At one point she sighs "I'm hungry.") She also admits that this was an extreme choice she made, to prove herself to herself. As she says later "I don't need to do that again."

Beyoncé As Taskmaster

My personal favorite moment in the documentary is when Beyoncé, as director of her show, lays down the law. She's not happy with how the test films look, or how it sounds in the recordings. Her quietly frustrated speech to those working with her, punctuated with praise, is a masterclass in how to get artists to give 110% while still making her unhappiness known to all. By the time she's done, even Jay-Z is heading for the door to get to work.

Beyoncé's Kids

Of course, the real blessings of the film are the intimate moments. Beyoncé has always kept a tight leash on her image and a tighter one on her family's image, so the short clips of Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir are all the more precious since they're so rare. fans will totally squeal over Blue singing a few lines in front of an audience and then asking "to do it again" because "that was fun!" Like mother, like daughter...